college in the USA

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The term “college” in the USA corresponds university” in for instance the term to “. A universitymostly consists of several colleges (e.g. Literature and sciences, medicine, marketing and management). Frequently “college” becomes a so-called with the term. undergraduate study meant, mostly with a philosophical faculty. After the Bachelor conclusion however further colleges can be visited or schools, e.g. a college/a School OF Law (law faculty) orCollege/School OF Medicine (medical faculty). Such a continuation of the study is called a graduate study or professional a study (the term professional is to be understood in the sense “occupation-preparing”, and to not-philosophical fields is applied, like clinical medicine, BWL and law).

An US-American college is one tertiary educational facility, which can be subrange of a university , in addition, vocational school , Technical High School or people's highschool.

Four years old colleges are locked in the USA as Bachelor. In the first year the studying freshmen (in the meantime sometimes politically correct roofridge year students) are called, in secondYear of sophomores, in third junior and in fourth senior (an exception the armed forces academies, which instead the designations of plebes , yearlings , use cows and firsties ) form. The study at the college is structured more strongly and „shoulder “than at German universities, of the studying becomes muchless Selbstständigkeit expects. In the USA there are both national and private colleges. At both kinds one must pay quite high study fees (fees and tuition) compared with German universities, at private colleges usually higher than at national.

After receiptthe Bachelors can American students to graduate school apply, in order to reach its master or PhD, that for carrying a doctor title entitled. Or they go for the professionally applicable fan such as z. B. clinical medicine and law on one professional school, andattain their M.D. /J.D. In addition, they can collect and then further-study professional experience later or never.

Two-year colleges, which usually nationally financed Community is colleges, offer at the most two-year, typically professional training, programs, which are locked with Certificates , Diplomas or also a Associate Degree. Latter one, soAssociate programs mentioned, serve the switching of knowledge as preparation of the attendance of a four years old college and are comparable from the level with the German gymnasialen upper stage. From the concept Community colleges are comparable with vocational schools , Technical High Schools or people's highschools. The possibility, there itself general the EducationDevelopment test to submit, makes these similar for the evening institutes.

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college in Great Britain and Ireland

in Great Britain and Ireland is very comprehensively used and designation the term college depending upon context different mechanisms of the education system:

  • some private resuming schools („Publicly Schools “) as for instance the Eton college.
  • resuming schools, Sixth so mentioned form college, their pupil about 16 to 18 years old are and at these schools a Advanced level to acquire can
  • the individual components of some universities, as for instance with Cambridge, Durham, Oxford or the University OF London
  • further mechanisms outside of the traditional education system. In addition also University colleges, thus independent belong mechanisms of the higher education system independent of other universities, which did not reach however the status of a university.
  • Schools, which orients economical-economicallyare, like e.g. the ADT college London.

relationship of universities and colleges

for some universities form colleges legally and economically independent units, so that such universities could be called also „federation of colleges “. The degree of the connection between college andthe associated university varies thereby.

With the universities Cambridge, Durham and Oxford are approximately responsible for the social and economic interests of the students the colleges and e.g. transfer with the supply of refectories , student hostels, common rooms , libraries or sport many tasks, those to student councils to be implemented. In addition they take over parts of the technical support for example by Tutorien also. The university is however responsible for the examinations and offers the lectures.

With the University OF London goes the self-sufficiency of the colleges even so far that it nearlyas independent university to be regarded can. On the other side it in addition, some colleges at universities, which take over the tasks described above, give however substantially less independently are than for Oxford and Cambridge represented.

Above all also by the economic self-sufficiency of manyColleges - they have own employees, in addition, property - are this partial in an economically better situation than the universities, to which they belong.


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