Columbia Broadcasting system

Columbia Broadcasting system (CBS) is one of the largest radio and television stations of the USA. CBS was from three commercial television companies, which dominated the television, before the cable television was introduced. Today the enterprise belongs to the CBS corporation.

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CBS 1927 as a joint venture of Columbia record and the New Yorker talent agency Arthur Judson one based. Were to 18. September1927 with 47 radio stations on transmission with the designation The Columbia Phonograph Broadcasting system.

The radio network made in the first year of losses, and to 18. January 1929 sold Columbia record its portions to a private group of investors for US $ 400,000, -. The group of investors became from WilliamSamuel Paley, a cigar manufacturer from Philadelphia, aforementioned. The transmitter was renamed in The Columbia Broadcasting system. During the next nine years Columbia records and CBS were independent companies without business relations.

It was the third radio network in the USA and had soon more participantas any the NBC - networks, although the signals and thus the receipt were weaker than with NBC.

The joint founder Paley saw an opportunity to win listeners by message programs and spent substantial quantities money, in order to win dominance within this range. It placed asPart these efforts Edward R. Murrow as “Director OF of talc”. Together with William L. Almost one invented Murrow practically the transmitter journalism, how we know him today.

In year 1938 the radio was the strongest sector in the Unterhaltungsindustrie, while the record industry still in the calm airthe large depression was. CBS bought its former parent company Columbia record.

The first Fernsehausstrahlung of CBS took place in the year 1939 - with an in-hour program per day in New York town center. In the following year already radiated CBS the first color transmission, but under thatUse of a technology, which was not compatible with the existing black-and-white televisions. This technology was rejected some years later in favor of competitive color television standards. Television remained a small part of CBS until the Second World War.

Since at the beginning of the television era the firm emblem is a representative eyein a circle. From the 40's to the 70's CBS was considered as the net with the largest prestige of the three main television nets, and consequently was well-known it as the Tiffany net. The dominance of CBS was broken in the 70's by ABC, although CBSoccasionally again the point evaluation to recover could (from 1979 to 1984 and again during one period in the early 90's and at the beginning of of 2000).

CBS musical of instrument was created, in order to manufacture beside numerous music instruments and music equipment also products of Rogers (Schlagzeuge) and Fender (guitars), toodrive out and to sell.

In the year 1988 CBS sold the CBS disk's group at Sony, which since that time Sony music Entertainment calls itself.

Viacom Split

of the Viacom - guidance gefällte decision the company by 1. January 2006 into two enterprises to divide, movedCBS strongly into the center of this planning. During the aufwändigen allocation the old Viacom company in CBS corporation was umgenannt, which was to clarify that the company was built actually around CBS. The second, again enterprise developed from the allocation however received the old name Viacomand Paramount Pictures (without the television production and - distribution Paramount Television ) and MTV network (world-wide cable television stations) essentially covers.

super Bowl scandal

with the super Bowl XXXVII in Tampa, Florida tore the singer Justin Timberlake during the half time conception of the singer Janet JacksonPart their Outfits off. The part was in the place of the female chest. In America Obszönitäten, in which nakedness and Sex occur, are punished heavily. CBS was with the meeting with its slave transmitter MTV of the television transducers and the scene had not censored. Thus had27 attached Fernsehstationen of CBS in each case a punishment of 27,500 dollar, together 550,000 dollar, pay. That was the highest penalty for an incorrect television transmission in the USA. In Germany this incident is as “Nipplegate” admits become. In the USA one does not know this designation: ThatUtterance was created by the German PICTURE - newspaper.

After this scandal the FCC arranged that all transmissions with a Zeitverschiebung to be sent to have and/or at least 5 - 10 seconds later “live” to be shown to be allowed, in order to make a possible censorship possible.

English-language messages to “Nipplegate”:

George W. Bush - scandal

in the CBS newscast “60 Minutes II” read out the moderator and chief newscaster of CBS Dan advice ago,that George W. Of Bush time in the army and he was not correctly documented to have avoided the Viet Nam war is. Later one found out that he nevertheless was in the relevant time with the military (at the homeland front). The moderator of many years suffered advice ago therebysuch a reliability loss that the ratingses of the newscasts reached record low conditions with CBS in the following weeks. The veteran newscaster of CBS walter Cronkite found this report as shaming the transmitter. To 9. March 2005 became Dan advice ago by Bob Schieffer as a chief newscaster of the CBS EveningNews replaced, advice ago wants to cooperate however further in 60 Minutes. Whether the decision Rathers to deliver its position as Anchorman with the controversy about the 60 Minutes - contribution is connected, is disputed.

the Letterman Imperium

at the beginning of the 1990er years came David Letterman to CBS, afterit with NBC the “Late Night show had left with David Letterman ", because to bad ratios came. The transmission took over Conan O'Brien. When into the Studio OD set Letterman its foot of the Sullivan theatre s, the golden age of the Late began for CBSNight shows. Now Jay Leno in direct competition to its ore rival, which ran parallel on NBC, stood Letterman. For Letterman CBS must 31.500.000 dollar content plus Merchandisingeinnahmen annually pay. Thus he is the most expensive man in the US television. In addition possesses Letterman its own NASCAR - running universe.With Letterman come and go world-well-known star. One says that will go Letterman to 2010.

Although the newscasts stand there with CBS so badly, the maintenance transmissions (Reality TV) are like “Amazing Race” or “Survivor” very successful television formats in the USA.


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