Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. are an US-American film and TV-Produktionsfirma and a part of the Columbia tri star Motion Picture Group, which again to Sony Pictures Entertainment belongs.


of the predecessors of Columbia Pictures, CBC film Sales corporation, 1919 were created by the brothers Harry and Jack Cohn, and their partner Joe Brandt. The call of the company was so weak that some joked CBC stand for “Corned Beef and Cabbage (Kohl)”. Many that in former times productions were Low budget of films. At the beginning CBC rents areas in a Studio in Hollywoods Gower Street.

Due to a reorganisation Brandt was disbursed. Afterwards Harry Cohn in California for the conversions supervised productions, during its brother Jack from New York,Advertisement and rental business of the films, were responsible. With Columbia it was singular that Harry, which was production manager, also president of the company. It was the only Studio, which was supervised by no society with finances or political decisions. In endeavorthe image to improve, was renamed the Studio 1924 in Columbia Pictures corporation.

With Columbias ascent helped the ambitious director franc Capra. Between 1927 and 1939, Capra Columbias became largest profit, reached confidence and pressed the Cohn steadily forbetter material and higher budgets. Due to a set of hits into that in former times 30's-years, Capras strengthened film It Happened One Night (oscars won first films all five the heads: Best film, best director, best actor, best actress and bestFilm script) Columbia´s status as one of the largest Studios.

1982 were bought up the company by The Coca-Cola company. In Germany the enterprise is represented since 1983. 1989 became the Columbia Pictures as well as tri star Pictures and further Entertainment participation Coca-Cola companyby Sony corporation OF America bought up.

Since 1991 Columbia Pictures forms the core of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The enterprise was united to their agencies at that time with tri star Pictures to the Columbia tri star Motion Picture Group, outside of the USA in thatRule the name Columbia tri star film respectively Columbia tri star film Distributors international (CTFDI) carry.

In the USA the enterprise arises invariably under the name Columbia Pictures, forms however only a label of SPE. The television section and the Home Entertainment sectionthe alliance names Columbia tri star Television (since 2002 Sony Pictures Television ) carried respectively Columbia tri star Home Entertainment as far as 2002 (since 2004 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment). Since end 2004/Anfang 2005 the old alliance name Columbia tri star becomes world-wide consistently through Sony Pictures replaced.

In September 2000 Columbia tri star Home Entertainment “anatomy” published, the first project the German Columbia Pictures film production GmbH on DVD.

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