Columbia University

Columbia University
president Lee C. Bollinger
kind privately
religious affiliation none
based 1754
place New York, New York, the USA
student 23,813 (2004)
Alumni (living persons) approx. 265.063 (2004)
Nobelpreise 72 (2004)
persons employed approx. 9.349 (2004)
jährl. Household budget 2.2 billion US-$ (2004)
trust property Campus environment urban the Columbia University into
the town center

OF New York one ranks 4.5 billion US-$ ( 2004) the most renowned there among the oldest universities of the USA and is. This mechanism is older than the United States themselves. The Columbia university lies in Morningside Heights, directlynorth of the Upper west simmer, in New Yorker quarters the Manhattan.

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the Columbia University became 1754 as King's college under royal decreeby king George II. based. It is the oldest higher school in the State of New York and the fifth oldest in the United States. Columbia is considered as one of the most outstanding universities of the world.

In July 1754 the first lecture found by Samuel Johnson (1696 - 1772) in a building, which was connected with the Trinity Church. Today lower Broadway is there in Manhattan. The lecture was held before eight students. 1767 were permitted the King's college, as the first American medical university the doctor of the medicineto lend.

The American war of independence brought 1776 a eight-year old abolition of the training activity to the school. To the first students and curators of the King's college John Jay, the first Chief Justice OF the United States, Alexander Hamilton, the first Minister of Finance of the United States belonged and Robert R. Livingston, one of the five men, who sketched the declaration of independence.

1784 were again opened the college as Columbia college. 1849 pulled the college of the park Place, in the proximity of the today's town center resound, into the 49. Road and Madison Avenue, whereit for the next fifty years remained. During the last half of the nineteenth century the Columbia college accepted the courses of a modern university. The Law School was created 1858 and the first academic lecture in the mining industry, as predecessors of the today's Fu Foundation School OF, 1864 was held for engineering and Applied Science. Barn pool of broadcasting corporations the college, which first only women was reserved, was attached at Columbia 1889. The Medical School was placed to 1891 under the patronage of the University, followed of the Teachers college 1893.

The faculties of the political science post office-graduated, Philosophy and science theory became in the Columbia college one of the first centers for further training post office-graduated.

1896 were specified by the curators the new name of the college, Columbia University. At the same time pulled the Campus of the 49. Road for the 10,5 hectare of large Campus inthe Morningside Heights (of the 114. up to 120. Road, Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue west), where the university this very day is. The Campus was arranged by the well-known architects of the company McKim, Mead and White.

1902 became by the New Yorker Zeitungsmagnaten Joseph Pulitzera high sum to the university donated, in order to furnish a specialist area for journalism. 1912 opened the Graduate School OF Journalism - the only journalistic specialist area of the universities in the Ivy League. The school lends annually the Pulitzer price and the Dupont Award in the broadcast journalism.

1928 becamewith the Columbia Presbyterian Medical center the second Campus of the Columbia University into the Washington Heights (of the 165. up to 168. Road, Riverside drive to Audubon Avenue) opens.

The Columbia Business School was added 1916, partially by the initiative of the president at that time of the ChaseManhattan Bank, Alonzo bar clay/tone Hepburn.

The atomic research by the faculty members I. I. Rabi, Enrico Fermi and Polykarp Kusch placed the physical faculty into the focus of the world public into the 1940er years, after the first nuclear reactor was built and so the Manhattan project began.

In the spring 1968 protesting students kept five buildings long occupied one week. They protested to one against the building generally sport-resound in the Morningside park, the operational readiness level of officers and government officials on the Campus for recruiting of Viet Nam fighters and against the university administration. The draft for thoseSport-resounds many students and local activists had infuriated, since the building should have a smaller entrance into in the back for the public. Since most people were black in the area, the plans reminded of the hated Jim Crow - system, are called the racial segregation in the south, wherethe black ones always the rear seats in the penalties occupy as well as strictly separated schools, park, water well, restaurant, hotel and more soweiter to use had. Arranged by the university president at that time Grayson Kirk, was by force terminated the occupation of the campuses by the New Yorker police. Kirk had to withdraw however,after the students thereupon the closing ceremony boycotted.

The star of the Columbia University sank between the 1970er and 1980er years. During the 1990er the university under its president George Rupp conquered one of the top positions in the number of the prominent universities of the country back.

The university suffersstrongly under restricting by the urbane New York. The university plans at present to buy up in the course of the coming decade gradually the areas north the today's Morningside Heights campus and west Broadway and to convert it to the third Campus of the university, which however so far someProtests of the population to the consequence, living in the environment, had.

The Columbia University belongs to the so-called. “Ivy League “like several universities in the northeast of the USA (like Yale, Princeton, Harvard among other things).

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