Chemismus Fe 2+ Nb 2 O 6 to (Mn, Fe 2+) (Nb, TA) 2 O 6
crystal system Orthorhombisch
Kristallklasse IV/D.18-20 to IV/D.18-30
color brownishly to brownish grey white depending upon composition
line color red to brown depending upon composition
Mohshärte 6
density 5.3 to 6.3
gloss Metallglanz
opacity translucently to obscure
break ___
fissileness clearly to good
Habitus of short prism tables and tafelige crystals
frequent crystal faces ___
twin accomodation ___
crystal optics
refraction indices ___
birefringence ___
Pleochroismus ___
optical orientation ___
of the Zes-axis
further characteristics
chemical behavior ___
similar minerals Magnocolumbit, Manganocolumbit, ferrous columbite, Magnesiotantalit, Manganotantalit, Ferrotantalit
radioactivity ___
magnetism ___
special characteristics ___

columbite (Columbeisen, Niobit) is a mineral from the mineral class of the oxides with the material relationship metal: Oxygen = 1: 2. It is a mixed crystal of different composition from the row Manganocolumbit - ferrous columbite, crystallized like the final minerals of the row in the Orthorhombi crystal system and shows following color and Chemismus:

  • Manganocolumbit - (Mn, Fe 2+) (Nb, TA) 2 O 6 ; brownishly
  • ferrous columbite - Fe 2+ Nb 2 O 6 ; brownish-grey-white

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columbite is, usually in granite, with soil corn and Tirschenreuth in Bavaria, Chanteloube in France, in Finland, in the Ilmengebirge with Mijask, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Colorado and in the grönländischen Kryolith.


columbite is an important ore for the production of niobium (name giver, there niobium up to the 1950er - one called years Columbium) and becomes steel - alloys for the increase of the firmness added.

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