Coming Home - you turn home

film data
of German titles: Coming Home - you turn home
original title: Coming Home
production country: The USA
feature year: 1978
length (PAL - DVD): 126 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK -
direction: Hal Ashby
film script: Nancy Dowd, Robert C. Jones, Waldo salt
production: Bruce Gilbert, Jerome Hellman
music: George fire
camera: Donald E. Thorin
cut: Don Zimmerman

Coming Home - you turn home are an US-American film from the year 1978 of Hal Ashby, which describes the consequences of the Viet Nam war both with soldiers and home-remained.

Table of contents


Sally is the woman of a Captains of the US-Army. It is sent to the employment to Viet Nam, Sally stays alone. The emptiness of the however unity brings Sally to work voluntarily in a veteran hospital. There it meets hatch, which since a Verwundung and is bound to the wheelchair. Forbidding third and full rage, he is to be accepted long time incapably assistance and reacted aggressively to its environment. Sally knows hatch still from the school, it succeeds it to develop a relationship with it. They give themselves mutually stop. While hatch learns to accept the handicap also Sallys change attitudes to the war. To analyze it likewise more independent and begins their past way of life, the more it departed from Bob, which she hardly still sees and which cannot entrust itself it any longer. From the friendship to hatch love becomes. When Bob wounds and disillusioned returns and experiences from the relationship of the two, the events escalate. While Sally and hatch can arrange themselves with their new life, this Bob is not possible. It prefers the suicide in the sea.


the film done without an impressive representation of the war, but concentrates on the efforts of the involved ones to survive in its shade. The scenes in the veteran hospital, in which many forms are shown by crippling, are never speculative. The psychological consequences of the experienced one and its processing are located in the center of the war. Thus the film lifts itself from the “Viet Nam film” those developed at the same time by hell clearly off goes.

sound TRACK

the film used Songs of the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Tim Buckley, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson airplane, Rolling Stones, Simon & sparkle and steppe wolf.


the film 1979 eight OSCAR received - to nominating: in the categories “best film”, “best direction”, “best leading actor” (Jon Voight), “best Hauptdarstellerin” (Jane Fonda), “best Nebendarsteller” (Bruce Dern), “best Nebendarstellerin” (Penelope Miltord), “best original film script”, “best cut”.

The price went to Voight, Fonda and the film script authors.

The two actors were honoured in the same year in addition with ever one golden Globe.

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