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a computer game of roles resembles the Pen & PAPER game of roles in as much as one plays different characters, whose characteristics through determine numerical values are determined. There is however with few exceptions no play leader, instead an action process is played, which was given by the developers.

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of computer games of roles are a subspecies of Adventure - plays for play consoles and computers. They are characterised by a complex action in a devised world, offer the possibility one or more characters (like fighters,Magier to equip thieves) and to let these collect in the play process experience, so that they specialize within their ranges ever more strongly. The pronounced character development system differentiates games of roles from normal Adventures. In the play process it, depending upon priority of the play developers, applies fights toodeny and mysteries (Quest called) to solve. Besides the player can dive deeply into the fiktionale world and attain background knowledge over her, which provides the largest atmosphere and complexity in the computer game world for this kind of plays. That likewise more or lessextensive set of rules (e.g.Dungeon and Dragons, many computer games of roles use in addition, own systems), after the success or failure of each action are calculated and which in the material played game of roles by the play leader is supervised and implemented, remains thereby depending upon playmore or less hidden and one leaves to the program.

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Cultural differences

due to cultural differences between the developer companies, under its country of origin, it gives at present to two different families of games of roles. The differences concern mostly graphics and Storyline, in addition, statistics systems, magic systems, among other things The basis is howeverboth rather the same, reference attributes, statistics and level those the Gameplay and characters and their personality those the Storyline control.

Caused by the fact that in Japan consoles are far more common for playing as PCs and the later large console manufacturersJapanese companies were (in former times Sega, Nintendo, late Sony), are games of roles of Japanese kind preferentially on consoles, and western kind rather on PCs again.


one of these families is the Japanese with Final Fantasy, Phantasy star, Grandia, the lunar - rows and Pokémon as clear examples. These plays are usually color-gladder and brighter as their western counterparts and contain the eastern inclination Fantasie and Spiritualität to mix. The characters in these playsare gewöhlich in the Anime - style held. The personality of the characters covers the entire spectrum, whereby according to the Yin and Yang - principle one only property or bad is rare, so that often also some antagonists understandable or hehre intentionshaving legs. The Storyline often turns around the epischen and final fight property against bad, whereby the player nearly always fights on the side of the good ones, and is more or less rigidly marked, whereby on the other hand a closer atmosphere is producedcan. General it is to be said that history stands for more in the Vordergrung, as in the western RPGs. The character races in this kind of plays are for gewöhlich limited to humans, animal human being, Esper (approximately in Dungeon & Dragons correspond to the elementary natures- Universe), Elfen and robots. AD&D - based systems between these plays are to be found at best very rare. These plays use frequently level-based ascending with few influence possibilities on the part of player on the exact distribution, begin with level 1 and hearwith level 99 up.

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acquaintance of examples of western games of roles are Ultima , Diablo, Gothic and Baldur's gate. The characters are more realistically drawn according to western habit, the personality far strewn and withoutabsolute moral. Main topic is usually a continual argument, which does not end always with a total victory over the given opponent. Fantasy games of roles orient themselves frequently at the European Middle Ages and extend it by magic and creatures and/or. Races, those of classical Fantasy- Were inspired mythology (Elfen, Orks, Goblins). These games of roles usually use statistics systems for the character development like e.g. the d20 - System of Dungeon & Dragons or comparable systems. A further folder are Postapokalypse plays in the style of fall out, those,affected by the nuclear threat during the cold war, a dark future picture of a destroyed world show.

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