Karte von Guinea mit Conakry
map of Guinea with Conakry

Conakry (formerly Konakry) is the capital of Guinea (formerly French Guinea). The number of inhabitants is with 1.871.185 (conditions 1. January 2005), thus is Conakry the largest city of the country.

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the geographical

situation is appropriate for education of 6 sons and daughters of the city [ work on ] is coordinates in the west of Guinea on
a peninsula: 9° 31 ' n. Break, 13° 43 ' w. L.
9° 31 ' n. Break, 13° 43 'w. L..

The annual average temperature is 26.3 °C. The amount of precipitation amounts to 3800 l/m ² per year. The drying time lasts from November to May.


in the year 1887 was occupied Conakry, at that time still another fishing village, of France and developed to the city.

Conakry is since 1890 capital of French Guinea, today the Republic of Guinea.

objects of interest

Conakry works loud and chaotically.

There is a botanischen garden.


Conakry is the economical center of the country. Food and vehicles are produced.

The city possesses an important port to Atlantic and an airport. For example bananas and aluminum are shipped.

The city was considered once as bead of Africa, is however verödet since the independence of Guinea incessantly. In the last years it is however noticeable that in the real estate sector strongly one invests. Obviously much money is available, that, thereone parkiert cleanly, here rarely.


since 1963 gives it a university.

sons and daughters of the city

Pablo Thiam, Guiani football player and captain of the VfL wolf castle


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