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Condoleezza Rice (* 14. November 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an US-American politician. Them were since that 22. January 2001 national security advisor of the United States. To 16. November 2004 became it as a first afroamerikanische womanand second woman at all to the Foreign Minister of the USA for the second office period of the presidency of George W. Bush orders.

The politician becomes within the past Bush government „the hard liners” (or „falcons”, English. hawks) counted. It represents decided a university-lateralistic course of the world-wideDominance in the US foreign policy and endorses the strategy the preemptive strikes, thus the preventive impacts approximately organizations classified of the USA as „of terror” and rogue states („rogue states”, see also: Bush doctrine). This brought after own stating - like their president- religiously conservative Republikanerin inspired the pointed name „steel Magnolie”. Condoleezza Rice is unmarried. Since that 28. January 2005 is sworn in it the successor of the withdrawn US Secretary of State Colin Powell, on the occasion of the second inauguration of Bush.

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Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice as a daughter of a black minister and a music teacher in Birmingham, Alabama, one bore, when still the Rassengesetze applied there. The name „Condoleezza” is from the musical instruction „con dolcezza” (Italian, „with lovelyLecture”) derived.

To 15. Septembers 1963 ignited white racingists of the Ku Klux Klan in the Baptistenkirche of the 16. Road dynamite seaweeds. Four girls, under it two friends of Rice died. Family Rice was friendly also with the family Powell. Here Condoleezza Rice buildup and learned ice art run and piano plays. It could read notes according to own statement rather as writing and became with ten years one the first afro American Schülerinnnen of the Birmingham Southern Conservatory OF music in Birmingham. After the removal of the family after Denver it won several music competitions there. It steps- however rarely - also today still with famous musicians up.

Rice with the Cellisten Yo-Yo mA in Washington D.C.

Rice has an extremely high intelligence quotient, which becomes estimated on over 170. With 15 years - it had jumped over two classes - it concernedthe university of Denver, first with the goal of studying music and Konzertpianistin of becoming. It decided however after two years that their talent would not be enough for a large career, and so changed it the academic subject and made for 1974 its Bachelor - conclusion in Political sciences cum laude. It was member of the elitären student connection Phi beta Kappa. Their interest in the foreign policy resulted to professor Josef Korbel, father of the former US State Departments larva line Albright originating from Czechoslovakia from the meeting with their academic teacher. 1975 the master followed - conclusion at Notre Dame university of South Bend, Indiana and 1981 the graduation (Dr. Phil.) again at the university of Denver. Was from 1993 to 1999 Rice Provost (about: academic president, corresponds to the German Dekan) of the Stanford university.

It was among other things Member in the board of directors of the oil company Chevron corporation. After their the oiling anchor was designated „Condoleezza Rice”, which was renamed later in „old air Voyager”. 1991 to 1997 worked it for the think tank EDGE corporation.

Further stations of their career were among other things Activitiesthe Investment company Charles Schwab corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a donation Hewlett-Packard - joint founder and its wife also according to own statement social and environmentalprotecting objectives, the insurance company Transamerica as well as with the Investment bank J. P. Morgan. It belonged also longer timethe board OF Governors (board of directors) San Francisco of the Symphony Orchestra on, in which still the wife of Charles Schwab sits.

Der Einfluss von Rice auf ihren Chef in einer Karikatur von Mariali (März 2005)
The influence of Rice on their boss in a caricature of Mariali (March 2005)

as Beraterin of president George Bush sen. and its minister of foreign affairs James Baker endorsed it 1990 the reunification of Germany, when this encountered at other former allied powers (France, everything in front Great Britain) still substantial reservations. At this time the specialized woman for the relations with the Soviet Union , which speaks outstanding Russian, was simple member of theNational security council and responsible for the Soviet politics. In the point of issue for the estimate of the decay of the Soviet Union Condoleezza Rice and James Baker pleaded first for a receipt of the Soviet Union as national thing. This advice following George H. called W. Bush and others the Ukraine up, in thatSoviet Union to remain, but the analysis proved as unfounded and the Soviet Union disintegrated. - 1995 wrote Rice as well as Philip D. Zelikow a book to the German unit with the title: „Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft” (in Germany appeared under thatTitle „great moment of the diplomacy”).

In the first office period of the government Bush II (since 2001) it probably proved as close allied ones and the most important Beraterin of its president and made themselves on the occasion of the transatlantic discords because of from the USA and one „coalition to that a consenting”without agreement of the Security Council of Iraq war begun by sentences as „France punishes, ignores Germany and does not reconcile Russia” particularly in Europe not everywhere friends.

At the end of March 2004 was again located its person in the center, when the white house wanted to prevent that it before the commission of inquiry to thatNotices of the 11. September states. To 30. March 2004 gave way the white house to the public pressure and permitted a statement. Rice took warnings of that before the senate committee to the serious reproaches of the former government advisor smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Clarke position, which the government had accused,Terror network aluminium-Qaida for months seriously enough to have taken.

After Rice several times as Präsidentschaftskandatin of the republican party in the year 2008 acted and last among other things also by Laura Bush in addition one pushed, did not lean it in January 2006 off not without to stress again that itfeel very honoured.

strange things

  • during the consultation of the points of the US politics around president George W. Bush in Camp David on weekend after the 9/11 - events munterte Rice into tracing the politicians from the piano for singing patriotic songs up.
  • UpRice offered to its colleague Straw the only bed to the common flight with the British minister of foreign affairs Jack Straw at the beginning of of April 2006 to Bagdad in their Boeing 757 and slept then on the airplane soil.[1]
  • According to Forbes she is the most powerful woman of the world.
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  • quotations “the largest threats today more withinof states as between them. The fundamental character of Regimen is now more important than the international distribution of power. On this world it is impossible, clean, clear dividing lines between our safety interests to pull to our efforts of development and our democratic ideals. “(January 2006, quoted after [2])

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Rice, Condoleezza
US-American politician, Foreign Minister of the USA
14. November 1954
Birmingham, Alabama, the USA

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