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the copyright [ˈkɒpiɹaɪt] (English CoPy = copy, right = right) is the angloamerikanische name for the Immaterialgüterrecht at mental works. It is similar to German copyright, differs however in substantial points. Already the beginningis another: while copyright places the author as a creator and its idealistic relationship with the work into the center, the copyright stresses the economic aspect. It serves above all to protect economical investments. Before this background come thatangloamerikanische and the continental-European right in numerous legal questions to different results.

In the copyright of the angloamerikanischen juridical system contrary to continental-European copyright the rights of exploitation and decision over a work often not are entitled to the author (for example the artist), butthe economic Rechteverwertern, for example the publishing house. The author keeps then reduced veto - rights, which are to prevent the abuse of the copyright on the part of the right-worth.

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the copyright had in the USA until some years ago, contrary to copyright in Germany, explicitly to be announced and expired 75 years after the entry into the central copyright listing. In the meantimea protection applies until 70 years after the death of the author and/or to new works also in the USA. 95 years for companies. A registration of the copyright with „the LIBRARY OF Congress “is not necessary necessarily, becomes howeverrecommended.

copyright note

the copyright note (symbol „© “, improvised also „(C) “, usually followed of the right owner and a yearly indication) or also copyright reference originally originates from the angloamerikanischen right. With him the user of a copyright work wants on the existence ofCopyrights refer to. Background is the old legal situation US-American copyright, after which rights at a work could expire, if it were not provided with a copyright note. After the entry of the USA to the international Bernese convention to the protection of works thatLiterature and art (RBÜ) in the year 1989 the copyright note is today no longer necessary, can be set however after own discretion.

In the German right copyrights develop automatically with the creation of a work. A copyright note is not necessary. ThatPrincipal purpose of the note lies in communication of the statement that someone lodges a complaint copyrights for itself or others. The note does not lead however to the existence of copyrights. Whether a work is in copyright matters protected, determines itself alone according to the law. Further one Meaning can attain the copyright note by the fact that perhaps an indicated date permits conclusions on the expiration to the period of protection. However the period of protection is measured only in few cases after the date of the publication. Finally notes can in the context of the preservation of evidenceuseful its. The marking of strange works with own copyright note can represent a copyright infringement.

copyright in the Internet

in the Internet the legal penetration copyright increasingly regarded as problematic, there internationally differently written juridical systems and authority regulations often with one anotherinto conflict come.

There are problems in Germany also with the penetration of copyright. Some speak already of a crisis of the right. On the side the legal claims of the authors for electronic contents are to be implemented often national and internationally hardly.On the other side the legal protection is expenditure-levered by technical procedures, which make a going around possible of the patent rights, increasingly.

exception: Eternal copyright

sound an English law enjoys Peter Pan an eternal copyright. The child hospital holds the rights Great Ormond Street hospital Children' s Charity.

Also today the expenditures that still reprinted in Great Britain for the first time 1611 appeared, king Jakob I. from England dedicated Bible translation (King James Bible) carry the note: All rights acres vested into the Crown into the UnitedKingdom and control LED by Royal Letters patent.


of quotations must be located in quotation marks and be provided with an indication of source. For quotations from articles, interviews and books it does not require permission. However quotations should be substantially shorteras the original. It is precarious, if a new text is together set only from quotations or the quotations are longer than the own text.

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  • VG word - the exploitation corporation word (VG word) takes the percentages of profits from the rights to use of language works in Germany. Entitled are authors, translator and publisher of beautiful-mental and dramatic, journalistic and scientific texts, those the author that VG word that indicated.

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