Cornelis Vreeswijk

Cornelis Vreeswijk (* 8. August 1937 in IJmuiden, the Netherlands; † 12. November 1987 in Stockholm) was Dutch-Swedish Troubadur, composer and poet.

Cornelis' father was driver. It pulled to Sweden (Ekerö) with woman and four children. C.V. Swedish got eye-drawn notes in the subject at school, particularly owing to its intensive concerning with Swedish poetry. When it studied at the university for Soziolgie, it began to appear as singer-songwriters and became fast popular. Its first Schallplattenaufnahme it made with the label of Metronome and tourte by Sweden with Fred Åkerström and Ann Lousie Hanson.

It succeeded to it, its impressions of French chansons and American Blues with Swedish song tradition and literary impulses of authors such as Gunnar disgust OF and Aksel Sandemose to merge into an enormous and singular Œuvre from songs and ways. Later it included also impressions from the Samba music. Typically for Vreeswijks songs are (as with Carl Michael Bellman and Sven Bertil pigeon) the recurring figures “Ann Katrin”, “Fredrik Åkare”, “polar Pär” etc., a sympathy with the socially weak ones, Pazifismus and a mixture of the Umgamgssprache with formal high-level language.

The broad public was it at most admits by its translations of some American songs, which it had however with the time plentifully fullly. It along-played also poem volumes expenditure against and in some films.

Cornelis got 1987 the Troubadur price of the “Nile Ferlin society”.

It lies on the “Katarina cemetery” in Stockholm after

its death it ever more popular, its songs was sung buried and it recognized than singer-songwriters. Its incomes are collected in a fund and administered of the “Cornelisgesellschaft”, which assign each year a “Cornelis Vreeswijk scholarship” to a well-deserved singer.

The journalist OSCAR Hedlund a Biografie wrote, in which among other things the figure of the Ann Katrin, which ended as a drug victim, arises.

Its private life had some dark shade, with tax evasion, pub fights and drugs, but as Troubadur it was one of largest Sweden. It however never accepted the Swedish nationality.


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