Cornell University

Cornell University
president Hunter R. Rawlings III

designate successor: David J. Skorton

kind privately
religious affiliation none
based 1865
place Ithaca, New York, the USA
students approx. 24.000 (2004)
Alumni (living persons) approx. 234.463 (2004)
Nobelpreise 29 (2004)
persons employed of 11,199 (2004)
of it scientists 2.627 (2004)
jährl. Household budget X, X billion US-$ (2004)
trust property 3.75 billion US-$ (2004)
Campus environment urban

the Cornell University lies in Ithaca, New York (the USA) and is a member of the Ivy League.

It was created 1865 of Ezra Cornell, a businessmanand pioneer of the telecommunications industry and the Andrew Dickson White, a well-known scholar and politician. The 1865 of Ezra Cornell formulated slogan of the university are „I would found at institution where any person CAN find Instruction in any study “(„I wanted to create an institution, at thateach person each subject to study can “); in short form it is in the coat of arms of the university.

Today study more than 20,000 humans on the three main campuses of the university, which lie in Ithaca, New York town center (Humanmedizin) and Doha (Qatar). Thus Cornell those is numericallargest Ivy League university.

acquaintance Alumni and faculty members

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