structural formula
Strukturformel Cortison
name 11-Dehydro-17-hydroxycorticosteron
sum formula C 21 H 28 O 5
other names Cortison, Compound E, Kortison
short description Glucocorticoid
CAS number 53-06-5
melting point 222 °C
water solubility 280 mg/l with 25 °C
steam pressure 5.80 -13 mm Hg with 25 °C
mol mass 360.45 g/mol

the name Cortison (of Latin cortex „crust “) one gave to the first active substance found in the suprarenal body crust of humans. Cortison is the inactivated form of the Glucocorticoids Cortisol. It binds neither the Glucocorticoid receptor nor the Mineralcorticoid receptor and can by the enzyme β-Hydroxy-Steroid-Dehydrogenase from Cortisol in an educated manner or into this convertedbecome. Colloquially medicines with Cortisolwirkung are called frequently „Cortison “.

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Cortison became in the years 1936 - 1940 isolated from several working groups and differently designate: as „compound F “ of Wintersteiner, as „substance company “ by Reichstein and as „compound E “ of the working group around Kendall. The later Cortisol or Hydrocortison was manufactured 1937/ 38 of Reichstein. Later turned out,that Cortison is a preliminary stage of the actual hormone Cortisol (Hydrocortison). Synthetic Cortison variants are and. A. the Prednison, Prednisolon, Methylprednisolon, Betamethason, Dexamethason, Triamcinolon, Paramethason and Fludrocortison. Prednison and Prednisolon can be converted in the body into one another and are effect. Their effect corresponds for instance to the fivefold one the Cortisonwirkung.

physiological effect

see to Cortisol

diseases, with those Cortison effectively is

side effects

continuous use of Cortison

above all neuropsychiatric

symptoms arise to immune weakness water storage

in the fabrics [work on], like Konvulsionen, swindles, headache, sleeplessness, euphoria, depressions, changes in mood and Psychosen.

See also: Cushing syndrome, disease Addison, Cortisontherapie, Doping

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