County ['Kaunti] (English) an administrative unit is in English-language countries and is there as a name component of area designations (example: Los Angeles County).

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Etymologie and posting

the term County originally designated the area, that the iurisdiction of a COUNT and/or. Earl was subordinate. Both titles of nobility are usually translated in German withcount “, whereby Earl the name for English andCOUNT for an non-English count is.County is therefore also the English term for German counties and the 1790 abolished French comtés. Besides County the translation for the Swedish Län, the Japanese, usual in the English, is more fylker gun, the Norwegian and thosePolish powiat.

Also German-language dictionaries register the term. The Duden puts the Pluralbildung Countys (contrary to English. Counties) and the Genus those firmly. In the Langenscheidt the English County is arranged neutrally and the US-American County male. In German-language www documents is (end2005) the posting Counties for instance 16-mal-häufiger as Countys. The Genusverteilung for County: of the: 55% : 10% : 35%.

Great Britain

England was since the time that fishing rod Saxonia into almost divided. These assessment areas had usually a fastened capital, those almost town. The normannischen conquerers of England led then starting from that 11. Century the county system; the borders of in such a way created Countys covered themselves usually with those past almost.

The number, the borders and the legal status of English Counties have themselves overthe centuries often changed. In the Middle Ages some cities received such as London or Coventry the status of a county, many of them however starting from 1844 again with their surrounding countryside were combined. The Counties was only iurisdiction districts; only starting from 1889 so-called administrative Counties (English) was created, those onelimited legislation and executive was entitled to authority on local level. Into the 1970er years the British administrative structure was again reorganized; thus for instance so-called became in London and other large cities.Metropolitan Counties (English) production, which was again abolished however 1986.

The British identify themselves until today alsothe historical Traditional Counties (English), even if these may not exist no more as political units.

Also Wales, Scotland and Ireland divided according to English sample in Counties, later also English colonies.


major item: County (England)

England is divided traditionally in 39 Counties. 1974 were again organized the municipal administration of England, consequently also the number of the Countys changed. One differentiated according to it between metropolitan Counties (English) and Non metropolitan Counties (English). They all were divided into Districts. Starting from 1996 the number of the Counties was again changed and it developedfrom different Districts new regional administrative bodies, the Unitary in such a way specified Authorities. England possesses a mixture from a single-step (unitary authorities) and two-stage administrative structure (County and District Council).


Scotland is divided traditionally in 34 counties. See for this: Traditional counties of Scotland.

1975these were given up in favor of of regions with subdivided Districts, which 1996 were again waived. Since that time there is only Unitary so mentioned Authorities.

of Wales

Wales traditionally in 13 counties one divides. See for this: Traditional counties of Wales.

1975 became theseagain arranged and they were divided after it into Districts. 1996 was waived the Counties and Districts in favor of of Unitary so mentioned Authorities. But some these new regional administrative bodies to today the designation “County” lead. For the current administrative arrangement of Wales see also administrative arrangement of Wales.

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the English Besatzer transferred the county system also to Ireland. The traditional organization of Ireland into 32 Counties originates however only from that 19. Century. The today's Republic of Ireland covers 26 these Counties, British Northern Ireland counts 6.

See list of Irish counties

to the USA

Karte der USA mit County-Grenzen
map of the USA with County borders

in the USA are called those the German districts or Austrian districts comparable administrative units, which exist in 48 Federal States, Counties. In Louis IANA they become Parishes called. Alaska is divided not in Counties, but in 15 Boroughs, those partially the function of a municipality, which take a Township and a County. Beyond that is associated as only city in Alaska Anchorage to no Borough. The remaining area of Alaska,außerhalb der Boroughs und der Stadt, ist in 11 weitere statistischen Gebieten (Census Areas) aufgeteilt, die jedoch keine politische oder Verwaltungsfunktion haben. Altogether there are 3141 Countys or equivalent units in the USA.

Depending upon Federal State their powers are very different, them function however usuallyas administrative and iurisdiction districts. The Polizeigewalt is settled in the USA on different levels; on the level of the Countys it is exercised by a Sheriff and its auxiliary workers. It occurs that in many Federal States the competence of the Counties and the Sheriffs however only outsidethe borders of inkorporierten cities and municipalities applies. In Connecticut the County was abolished - administrations 1960; there they function only as statistic and geographical designations. In Rhode Island the Counties has only the function of court districts. In Massachusetts order only 5 that14 Counties of über of eine of eigene Of verwaltung; in the other Counties these functions were transferred by the Townships.

Generally the eastern, more closely settled states are divided in more and also smaller Counties than the western Federal States. Delaware has due to its small surface with only threethe few, Texas due to its large surface with 254 most Countys. In Virginia there are besides 39 Independent Cities, comparably the circle-free cities of Germany. Also the cities Baltimore (Maryland), Carson town center (Nevada) and pc. Louis (Missouri) have a similar special status.

list of the Countys arranged according to states

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five of of Canada ten provinces are divided in Countys.

In Ontario, new Scotland, new Braunschweig these are used as local administrative units, against what into Quebec and prince Edward island they represent only geographical organizations.

Many Countys consist of several urban districts, with exception some less, which consist of a only one large city.

In thinly settled areas,like the northern Ontario or Quebec these administrative units District are called instead of County. On the other hand in densely populated areas, like in the southern-central Ontario, new urban districts (regionally municipalities) are created and used these instead of the Countys as regional administrative units.

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