series data
of German titles: Coupling - who with whom?
Original title: Coupling
production country: Great Britain
production year (e): 2000 - 2004
length per episode: approx. 30 minutes
of episode number: 28
source language: English
title music: Simon Brint
idea: Steven Moffat
category: Sitcom, Comedy
Erstausstrahlung: 12. May 2000
Erstausstrahlung (D): 3. September 2002

Coupling are a British Sitcom of Steven Moffat, which celebrated was adjusted 2004 in December 2000 on BBC 2 premiere and after four relays. In Germany the television station pro filters radiated the relays 1 to 3. At present all four relays in constant repetition are up in Germanythe private child transmitter NOD under the name NOD Comedy to see.

Coupling was not only praised in Great Britain by critics: After a bad start the following parts obtained acceptable ratingses.

Author Steven Moffat leaned the action of the series against its personal experiences: The charactersSteve and Susan are it and his Mrs. Sue do, who functions also as Produzentin of the series, shared.

As title melody Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, sung of Mari Wilson, was used.

2003 a version of the series produced for the American market became already afterfour consequences adjusted. The literal copy of the British original was only adapted to the requirements of the American advertising surrounding field, which encountered at the public little enthusiasm. The failure of Coupling in the United States is to be attributed also to the fact that the series already before the start into thoseCriticism of conservative forces turned out, which rejected bringing up for discussion sexual contents on the television.

Table of contents


the series shows the skurrilenEveryday life experiences of six got used to memo three-winners. The topic tables focus is on sexual topics: Frequent motives are DATEs, sexual adventures, sex roles, sexual Obsessionen or pornography.

artistic conversion

Coupling makes use from unorthodox, formal telling techniques:
Like that different episodes are in a refined, nonlinear structuregestaltet, bedienen sich Mitteln wie derSplit-Screen-Technik oder stellen das Geschehen aus der Perspektive verschiedener Personen dar.


after the first relay already since 2001 in English language is available, appeared to 14. October 2005 finally the German version. SecondRelay in German and English language appeared in December 2005, the third relay to 16. February 2006. Publisher is the company „Epix “.


relay 1

  1. way-rinsed (Flushed)
  2. the question of the size of (Size Matters)
  3. Sex, death and nakedness (Sex, Deathand Nudity)
  4. inferno (inferno)
  5. the Mrs. with two chests (The Girl With Two Breasts)
  6. Patrick's Schrank of the love (The Cupboard OF Patrick's Love)

relay 2

  1. the man with two legs (The one With Two Legs)
  2. my meal in hell (My DinnerInto bright)
  3. the back of her best friend (ago Best Friend's Bottom)
  4. the shrinking man (The Melty one Cometh)
  5. the queue of the truth (Jane and the Truth Snake) comes
  6. gotten (Gotcha)
  7. attraction (Dressed)
  8. naked (Naked)
  9. at the other end of the line (The ends to OF the LINE)
work on []

Unfaithful (

  1. Faithless) informal Sex (
  2. Unconditional Sex) you
  3. know relay of 3 separate ways (
  4. Split) still? (Remember This)
  5. the summer rung, the key and the pair, is not (The Freckle, The key, and The Couple Who Weren't)
  6. the girl with a heart (The Girl With OneHeart)
  7. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)

relay 4

  1. nine one half minutes (9 ½ Minutes)
  2. bed whisper (Night LINEs)
  3. sleeping time (Bed Time)
  4. the birth circus (Circus OF the Epidurals)
  5. naked in the living room (The Naked Living Room)
  6. nine one half months (9 ½ Months)

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