Cowboy boot

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Cowboy boots are a boot form, which are considered as the characteristic footwear of cowboys, at least if one the myth cowboy follow.

This myth be based on the category of the Westerns in film and literature and yields of the reality of material cow hirten in the US America 19. Century often substantially off. Cowboy boots belong beside leaving, hat and weapon to the Standard-Ausstattung in this category stylized and to which celebrated hero type of the cowboy.

The shoe found in 20. Century entrance into the Dresscode of different scenes (Biker, Country, etc.) and for the 1970er years in regular intervals also into the mass mode.

The boots, (also Westernstiefel, cowboy boat or Westernboots mentioned) consist handing shank of a sharp-edged, pointedly approaching form with tapered paragraph and one usually to center of the calves. The shank is cut, not closely lying close, verziert without zipper and often richly straight.

Qualtiatativ high-quality Westernboots are produced frequently in Spain or Mexico and provided in frame-sewn form (see in the article “shoe “, under section design/building of shoes).


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