Critérium you Dauphiné Libéré

Gerolsteiner - driver at the Mont Ventoux with the Dauphine 2005

the stage running Critérium you Dauphiné Libéré applies apart from the route de Suisse as the most important preparation running to the route de France. It is a fastidious, approximately one-week round travel by the French alps. Apart from the usual individual time driving as pro logs frequently a mountain time driving belongs to the difficult program of the Dauphiné. The bestplatzierten drivers of the round travel can be ranked easily among the pot change request rites for the route de France. The Dauphiné belongs to a series of the most important Radrennen of the yearly to in the year 2005 the again introduced UCI pro route.

winner list

  • 1965 Jacques Anquetil (FRA)
  • 1964 Valentin Uriona (FRA)
  • 1963 Jacques Anquetil (FRA)
  • 1962 Raymond Mastrotto (FRA)
  • 1961 Brian Robinson (GBR)
  • 1960 Jean Dotto (FRA)
  • 1959 Henri Anglade (FRA)
  • 1958 Louis Rostollan (FRA)
  • 1957 Marcel tubing brook (FRA)
  • 1956 Alex CLOSE (BEL)
  • 1955 Louison Bobet (FRA)
  • 1954 Nello Lauredi (FRA)
  • 1953 Lucien Teissière (FRA)
  • 1952 Jean Dotto (FRA)
  • 1951 Nello Lauredi (FRA)
  • 1950 Nello Lauredi (FRA)
  • 1949 Lucien Lazarides (FRA)
  • 1948 Edouard Fachleitner (FRA)
  • 1947 Eduard Kablinski (POLE)

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