CROSS Media Publishing

the term CROSS Media Publishing designates

  1. the medium-spreading publishing of contents on the basis of medium-neutral data within the range of the media as well as
  2. in the range of the advertisement and that publicly relation a procedure, which brings the consistent appearance of an enterprise or a product of the enterprise to a defined target group with the help of a medium-neutral data base medium-spreading more near (see. Corporate_Design, Integrierte_Kommunikation).

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medium-spreading publishing

with the CROSS Media Publishing publications are provided, those to different media belong (book, CD-ROM, Internet sides,…), however on a uniform database are based (single SOURCE Publishing).

Contents are administered medium-neutrally and stored. Texts, pictures and other graphic elements are stored genuinely and unformated. For photos that means the fact that she deposits in the best available quality and only for the actual use, for example within an Internet appearance to which necessary quality level is reduced. For texts XML is usually used . Organization collecting mains are medium-adequately furnished and put down independently of contents.

Meaning attained CROSSes Media Publishing in connection with the Internet, there the Web appearance, on-line publication and printed media automated to be particularly provided can. This makes not only a flexible and economical production, but beyond that also maximum transparency with the organization, administration and care of the data as well as the avoidance possible of errors and of redundancies during the data retention.

advertisement/public work

a goal of the CROSS Media Publishing is to ensure from the different sources of internal and external communication co-ordinated enterprise communication as from that variety the assigned of the instruments and measures are provided in itself contradiction-free communication media. On the basis of a stimmigen communication concept the conversion to on-line and off-line media is made by a content management system and/or. a Media ate management systems.

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