CROSS run is a match in the Leichtathletik, which recently after conclusion of the Leichtathletiksaison during the winter months one delivers. The CROSS run was for many decades as preparation on the coming run season likes and welcomely. The championships began in February on regional level, increased further into March on federal level, the European championship, finally the world champion CROSSes. For some years however it runs around exactly differently. In November, actually the classical recovery month in the Leichtathletik, the championships take place.

The distance must lie in an open or forest-rich area, with grass as covered as possible and with natural obstacles be provided, however the runner not endanger is (no deep ditches, steep ascending and descending or high walls). The runs are to take place on a round course, which should be long between 1750 m and 2000 m.

For official matches one recommends to keep the following route distances:

  • Man long CROSSes 12 km
  • woman long Mrs. 8 km
  • man and woman short Mrs. 4 km
  • juniors 8 km
  • female juniors 6 km

in the CROSS run are delivered German championships, continental (for Europe since 1994) and world championships.

Variants of the CROSS run are the mountain run and in Germany spread the forest run.

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