Crozetinseln< /br> Îles Crozet
Base data
system of government: French overseas territory
administration: French south and Antarctic areas
research station: Alfred Faure
inhabitant: approx. 15
geographical location: 46° 21 ′ 11 " S. Break, 51° 40 ′ 52 " o. L.
Surface: 350 km ²
highest collection: Spades Marion Dufresne (1,090 m)
largest island: Île de la pos session (150 km ²)
discovery: 23. January 1772, by Mark Joseph Marion you Fresne and Jules Crozet
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the Crozetinseln (franz. Îles Crozet) are a group of small volcanic islands in the Indian ocean between 46° to 47° southern latitude and 51° to 52° of eastern length. They cover a surface of approx. 350 km ² and belong to the French south and Antarctic areas.

The islands have only up to 15 temporary inhabitants (crews of the scientific stations La Petite Manchotière, La Grande Manchotière and Alfred Faure).

associated islands

island surface height
of Île de la pos session 150 km ² 934 m
(spades you MASK airs)
Île de 130 km ² 1,090 m (
spades Marion Dufresne) Île
l'Est aux Cochons 67 km ² 826 m
(Mont Richard Foy)
Île of the Pingouins

(Île of the Pingouins, Rocher de l'Arche,
Île Riou)

3 km ² 340 m
(Mont of the Manchots)
Îlots of the Apôtres

(Grande Île, Petite Île, Rocher north,
Le Donjon, Rocher south, Rocher Fendu,
Rocher Percé, L'Enclume among other things)

2 km ² 292 m
(Mont Pierre)


the islands 23 became to. January 1772 of Mark Joseph Marion you Fresne and Jules Crozet discovers, after which they were also designated. 1893 got it the status of a French colony and from Madagascar was administered. 1955 were formed the “territory of the French of south and Antarctic areas” (TAAF), which the Crozetinseln was attached. 1964 took place the establishment of the first scientific station.

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coordinates: 46° 21 ′ 11 " S. Break, 51° 40 ′ 52 " o. L.


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