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Curd Jürgens (* 13. December 1915 in Munich Solln; † 18. June 1982 in Vienna) was a Austrian stage and film actor of German origin. Its civil name reads completely Curd Gustav Andreas God-dear Franz Jürgens. AsSon of a wealthy Hamburg export dealer and a Südfranzösin buildup he in two languages. It worked also as director and a film script author, however here without success. 1945 it accepted the Austrian nationality.

Jürgens was long years member of the ensemble at the Viennese Castle theatre, where it had large success particularly in threshing floor lake Williams 'last stop longing. As a Filmschauspieler it belonged to few German-speaking star with international fame. With the filming of Carl Zuckmayers “of the devil general” succeeded to Curd Jürgens the internationalBreak-through, which brought numerous roles to it into large US productions. The type of the smarten woman hero and charming Draufgängers was occupied with it in Filmrollen. Its stately shape (1.93 m size), blond - later white - hair and blue eyes predestined italso to the representation easily undercooled, beautiful Aristokraten and success human being. Impressively it acted 1977 as a Karl current mountain, opponent of James bond, in the film “the feeler gauge, who loved me”. It maintained its image as a stood chap. Furthermore it dedicated itself the Rezitationliterary works among other things also on the television and on speech plates.
Its activities were legendary as hosts and/or. Guest of innumerable parties, particularly during its time as a everyone with the salt citizen festivals. Attention excited it also with its Rolls-Royces - sedans. Asthe picture newspaper in the year 2005 a list of the men with most Sexappeal provided, landed Curd Jürgens at place two.

Immediately after its school attendance Jürgens had worked first as a journalist at the “8-Uhr-Abendblatt” in Berlin, however its gymnasiale love for the stagedo not forget and play instruction taken. 1944 it is drawn in right after turning conclusion of the film “Viennese Mädeln” to the military, because it had put on itself with a Nazi size. After the war he was completely briefly director of the Straubinger of city theatre. That Paris HébertotTheatre experienced one play time under its line.

Grave of Curd Jürgens on the central cemetery in Vienna

Curd Jürgens was received in its life five marriages, four became divorced, so also those with the actresses Judith wood master and EH Bartok. The rainbow press worried regularly about the world star. Its surname the normannische wardrobe it received whether its coolness and Statur from Brigitte bar DOT.

It possessed several domiciles, among other things in Austria (Vienna, Franziskanerplatz; later again), Southern France (Saint sellsPaul de Vence), Switzerland (Gstaad) and on the Bahamas. These were equipped with own personnel in each case. Together with its hospitality this led to the fact that he could not accumulate gigantic wealth.

Jürgens had itself since that the early 1970ern numerousHeart surgeries (bypass) submit, changed its life-style - Jürgens loved the meal, a drinking and a smoking - however to nearly last not. Its last role is those of the skillful lawyer of a former Nazi killer in the large-scale production Teheran 43. Itslast scene remains in strange memory: As Alec Legraine he cross-examines in the conclusion scene of the film the young Terroristin Françoise (Claude Jade), the loving of its murdered mandator. But the German Kinobesucher hear the salient voice of the after-synchronized CurdJürgens not. It died before completion of the film at multiple organ failure in the Viennese hospital Rudolfstiftung. Its burying at the Viennese central cemetery in an honour grave of the city Vienna took place in a nocturnal ceremony.

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Curd Jürgens on the stage

as versatile actors pointed itself it to thatBoarded, which mean the world. It was engages

Curd Jürgens in the film

Willi forest recognized that the recent play talent for the film are suitable could. Curd Jürgens played over four decades in approximately 160 films also. Here a selection with it turned strip:

he were among other things speaker of the German version of the musical “were OF the Worlds” from Jeff Wayne.

Curd Jürgens inTelevision

  • 1968 series of “Babeck”
  • 1972 series “the commissioner: A girl at night on the road "
  • 1973 TV-film “Collin”, after the collecting main of Stefan Heym
  • 1975 series “of Derrick: Larva Irish Republican Army "
  • 1978 series “scene: Red, red, dead "
  • 1982 series “of smiley People - lady, king,As, feeler gauge "

Curd Jürgens as a synchronous speaker


  • of 1955 film festivals in Venice; Honour for the main role in “the devil general”
  • 1966 Kainz medal
  • 1981 Federal film award for working of many years and outstanding in the German film


Curd Jürgens: "... and no little wise ", 1976 (auto+biographic novel), ISBN 3-8588-6054-9


simultaneous with its Biografie appeared a plate with oneKind speech singing successfully with the song 60 years and no little wise, sold itself.

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