Curt Mahr

Curt Mahr (* 23. September 1907 in Schwarza to the Saale (Thuringia); † 30. July 1978 in Niedernhausen with Wiesbaden) was a German composer and accordionist.

Curt Mahr studied at the college of music in Leipzig (master class piano and Waldhorn); was since 1935 Akkordeonvirtuose; gave frequent guest concerts with broadcasting stations; coworker of many years was later with radio Hamburg (NWDR), with the Central German broadcast in Leipzig; lived in Berlin, starting from 1950 as free composer and music paedagogue in Wiesbaden; 1959 received the DHV - to honour needle in gold (German Harmonikaverband e. V.)


  • approx. 350 accordion original works
  • more than 1000 accordion working on (publishes with many accordion music publishing houses, z. B. BULKHEAD in Mainz)
  • choir works (above all compositions for mixed choirs, man and woman Mrs.)
  • original compositions and working on for salon orchestras and large orchestra
  • several school works for accordion and modern accordion technology.

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