Curt of Knobelsdorff


Curt of Knobelsdorff (* 31. January 1839 in Berlin; † 24. January 1904 ebenda) was Prussian lieutenant colonel and pioneer of the blue cross.

Since 1850 it belonged to the Kadettencorps potsdam. The wedding 1861 followed participation in the German war of 1866 and at the French-German war 1870 to 1871. 1877 it begins to visit regularly meetings of the blue cross and turns it to the Christianity, which means first however no change for its life. Only the meeting with Baedeker 1880 brings it to the one19-monatigen alcohol and tobacco renouncement.

1882 its transfer for disciplinary reasons takes place after king mountain, because it, that was since 1872 Casinodirektor in Mainz, did not participate in celebrations with alcohol. This entails 1883 the relapse into immoderate drinking. To 5. July 1887 experiences Knobelsdorff then its totalCollapse and announces itself to 9. July 1887 in the military military hospital Breslau. It was a surrender before the alcohol and the resolution to be able to drink finally controlled. In the autumn it wrote that yearly to Berne, where itself the seat of the blue cross for thatalso Arnold Bovet found German-speaking countries and worked beside others, and asked for admission into the association. In December 1887 its retirement finally took place from the military service.

Still in the same year it begins mission acre training at the school of the Pilgermission pc. Chrischona with Basel. InAugust 1888 is finally eingesegnet by the Knobelsdorff and sent to the service with the blue cross to Berlin. In the first quarter succeeded the establishment of three groups, which were however nevertheless met with hostility. Abstention SAMness was generally considered as exaggeration.

Curt of Knobelsdorff becomes in the subsequent years the most important messengerthe blue cross, which almost undertakes realm “agitation journeys ” in entire German. He co-operates thereby closely with the Evangelist alliance . Thus it led occasionally the bright citizens conference of alliance and is regular speaker at the Tersteegen rest conferences in Mülheim at the Ruhr.


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