Cutter (film)

Cutter is an unprotected job title from the film and television production, deduced from tons of CUT (English) = cuts. The professional association Federal association Filmschnitt Editor.eV. uses the designation “film editor”. The nationally recognized teaching profession is called “film and. Video editor (IHK) “. The nationally recognized university conclusion is called “diploma Schnittmeister/in”.

The Cutter realizes the Zusammenschnitt of the turning material (picture and. Clay/tone photographs). It contributes thereby substantially to the artistic organization of the finished film work.

To the field of the Cutters belong among other things Work within the range of film journalism (current television reports, message or magazine contributions). Further fields of activity are features, documentary films, documentations, restaurant economics among other things The Cutter is usually specialized in some ranges due to the high requirements in the individual sections.

Roughly are partitioned the digital and the similar video cut as well as the film cut at the cut table.

The Cutter cuts (installed) the pictures into a sense-giving order. It works on the picture, manufactures diagrams and texts, makes music suggestions, adds sound effects and knows the rights of exploitation. With larger production companies or transmitters the work is divided. The treatment of clays/tones and the production of texts and diagrams (2D, 3D) can be separated from the Bildschnitt organizational as well as temporally. These work becomes then of commercial artists, Toncuttern and/or. Sound editors taken over (“clay/tone organization”).

The Cutter co-operates on average (Editsuit, cut area) in close arrangement and spatial proximity with the author, editor, producer or the director . It interprets the picture language of the cameraman and discusses the contentwise and formative possibilities regarding the requirement of the author and/or. Film producer. The Cutter knows the technical guidelines of the transmitters and orients themselves after the formative defaults of the individual transmission formats.

The “film cut” is called also cut, assembly or Editing. Today both in the film and in similar/digital cut digital systems for the cut are used. Far common cut systems e.g. are. Avid and finally CUT pro .

Further occupation designations for the Cutter after training or study: Film and. Video editor, EB-Cutter (E lektronische B erichterstattung), picture editor or diploma Schnittmeister/in.

Different entrance possibilities for the Cutter are: Extensive practical course (e.g. in a film and. Television production)

training as the film and. Video editor, 3 years, IHK

further training, the Mediengestalter picture and clay/tone, IHK

out and. Measures for further education with film workshops

study at the university for film and. Television, Potsdam-Babelsberg (9 terms), or different film academies.

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