Cuvilliés theatre

in the Cuvilliés theatre

the Cuvilliés theatre is called the most important Rococo theatre of Germany. It is today in the so-called pharmacy stick of the residents of Munich residence. It was built in the years 1751-1753 by François de Cuvilliés. Apart from the realms it belongs to rooms in the residence and the Amalienburg in the Nymphenburger park to the most important buildings Cuvilliés'.

Up to the Second World War the theatre was in the northeast of the max Joseph place, where today the new residence theatre stands. The parts of the theatre consisting of wood were paged out briefly at the beginning of of 1944 before the destruction of the Redidenztheaters at the 18.März 1944 and built in the years 1956-58 after their restoration in the context of the reconstruction of the residence into the pharmacy stick. The concept to the Translozierung came from the leading architect of many years of the Bavarian lock administration Rudolf Esterer; the reconstruction carried out in record time was accomplished by the residence construction supervision of the lock administration under the direction of Otto Meitinger.

The theatre is held in the colors red and gold. The four floors with in each case 14 Logen enclose hufeisenförmig the Parterre. Special attention earns the Kurfürstenloge, which, extending over the two middle floors, stands opposite the stage. It is supported by two Atlases, that form the entrance. In the first stick this Kariatyden has as counterparts. The contemporary society organization is reflected in the different arrangement of different ranks again. The Kurfürstenloge is naturally the artistic center of the area. Those to it following Logen in first rank, which were intended for the high aristocracy, follow and are rich verziert. This ornament is reduced over second and third rank, in those the low aristocracy and the yard officials place-took gradually. The relatively simply equipped Parterre was reserved the city aristocracy.

The theatre experienced large opera performances, so for instance 1781 the premiere of the Mozarts Idomeneo.

As popular place of event for cultural events of first rank e.g. found. further poet readings in the Cuvilliés theatre instead of, so also one of the last literary solo evenings Erich Kästners in March 1970.

Up to its locking at the beginning of of 2004 was taped the theatre regularly by the ensemble of the Bavarian state opera, more still by the Bavarian state play. The intentions of the rescuers of the theatre from the 1950er years to tape be interspersed unfortunately not in the long term could it its singular character in accordance with with suitable productions in appropriately reserved way. The inspection of the house as one of the special residents of Munich attractions of the Bavarian lock administration was possible since 1958 until August 2005 and becomes it after the started overall renovation starting from that for 14. June 2008 (the 50. Return of the opening) again its.


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