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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Cuxhaven
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 53° 51 ' N 08° 42 ' O
53° 51 ' N 08° 42 ' O
height: 0 37.5 m and. NN
surface: 161.90 km ²
inhabitants: 52.271 (30. September 2005)
Population density: 323 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 27472, 27474, 27476, 27478
preselections: 04721-04724, 04727
Kfz characteristics: CUX
municipality key: 03 3 52 011
address of the city administration: Greener way 42
27472 Cuxhaven
E-Mail address:
mayor: Arno Stabbert
die Kugelbake
the ball beacon

Cuxhaven is a large independent city and district town of the district of the same name (see also: District Cuxhaven) in Lower Saxony. The city is because of the delta of the Elbe into the North Sea and has approximately52,300 inhabitants.

Cuxhaven has an important fishing port and a ship reporting station for Hamburg and the northeast ship canal. Besides the tourism is of great importance. The city belonged for a long time to Hamburg. Before Cuxhaven in the North Sea is to Hamburg belonging island new work. It can on 12 km is enough for Watt migration, either to foot or with the Watt car be attained (at ebb-tide), with tide by ship (more to it with the contribution to new work). The landmark Cuxhavens is the ball beacon, the wooden navigation mark to the Elbmündung. It is also on the coat of arms of the city.

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Cuxhaven are because of the northernmost point of Lower Saxony and are surrounded at two sides by water. This geographical location lends a special attraction to the city for the tourism, gives itbut regarding the economical connection to the hinterland also special problems. Highest collection in the city is “Altenwalder height” (37.5 m). Under the peripheral location and the historical affiliation of the city to Hamburg two restaurant economics developed: the fishery and that Tourism.


Amt Ritzebüttel der Freien Hansestadt Hamburg 1815-1937
office Ritzebüttel of the free Hanseatic city Hamburg 1815-1937

during urn finds and on 4.000 v.Chr. dated large stone grave a long settlement history, are still relatively young the city Cuxhaven document compared with other cities of Germany (toHistory of the area 1866 ago, see also: History of Hadeln and sausages; for the time thereafter: see also: The history of the Lankreises Cuxhaven).

1394 stepped the Mr. honing-lapping the lock Ritzebüttel at Hamburg off. From it the developing Marks Ritzebüttel became to 4. December 1872 with the port settlement Cuxhaven to the hamburgischen land municipality Cuxhaven combines. With the incorporation of box (1905) a number of inhabitants of 10.000 was reached. To 15. Municipal rights were lent to March 1907.

City plan of Cuxhaven, 1910

Up to the large Hamburg law, 1937, belonged to Cuxhaven politically to Hamburg. Hamburg reserved itself however some rights at the ports. Like that were up to the 1. January 1993 the America port and the Steubenhöft hamburgisches property, although it to the CuxhavenerBelonged to city. A district guard that Hamburg water protection police is still in Cuxhaven. At the 1. Octobers 1969 were returned the islands new work and crowd horn as well as Watt surfaces at the free one and Hanseatic city Hamburg, which planned there to put on a deep-water port. To28. Octobers 2005 signed walter Hirche and Gunnar Uldall in Hamburg city halls the convention for the abolition of the container check clause. Thus the way for an unrestricted advancement of the Cuxhavener of port was freed.

Between 1945 and 1964 became in close proximity toCuxhaven various rocket experiments accomplished (see also: Rocket start in Cuxhaven). Their current expansion of 162 km ², with approx. km north south expansion, the city reached 21 km east west and 14.5 by numerous incorporations between 1935 and 1972.

Until 1977 was Cuxhavena circle-free city, today belongs it to the newly formed district Cuxhaven and is seat of the district administration.

The fishing port with the fish market
a Krabbenkutter comes back


the origins of the tourism decreases/goes back on the year 1816, in intoCuxhaven a seaside resort was established. Since 1964 Cuxhaven is a nationally recognized sea-therapeutic bath. With annual over 3 million overnight accomodation Cuxhaven lies today at the point of all health resorts in Germany.

It succeeded into Cuxhaven, the range of the tourism and thatTo separate cure enterprise in almost ideal way spatially sharply from the industrial area to.

The mechanisms of the tourism as well as sport and leisure concerning of the city and their cultural commitment guarantee a very high leisure and living value for inhabitants and visitors of the city.

Around childrenalso in bad weather a large playground to offer to be able, Käpt'n Cux's port became” in the Abschnede on approx. under the name „. 2,400 m ² place a considered playground for approx. 300 children production.

city arrangement

  • Stickenbüttel
  • southget
  • westget
  • breaking into forest
  • Westerende
  • Meier yard
  • ports

  • town center:
  • Ritzebüttel
  • musician quarter
  • of pilot quarters
  • of Dobben
  • Lehfeld
  • Grimmershörn

development of the numbers of inhabitants

Year 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
inhabitants 53,980 53,736 53,391 53,168 53,076 52,876 52,567

(in each case to 31. December)


town councillor

Allocation of seats:</br>Local election CDU SPD </br> Cuxhavener FDP the Green parliamentary group lot => Entirely
9. September 2001 19 16 2 2 2 1 = 42 seats

partnerships between cities

  • youth committee Cuxhaven Vannes
  • 1998 the created youth committee Cuxhaven Vannes made it it's duty to promote the youth exchange between the twin cities. 2001 and 2005 organized it multilateral youth meetings with 70 young people from six nations. Homepage of the youth committee Cuxhaven Vannes

culture and objects of interest

the old water tower
the fishery museum in the historical

surrounding field
of the fish envelope resounds to museums the Hapag showsthe fishery museum in two former fish processing resounding a comprehensive overview of 100 years fishery history Cuxhaven.

The away ball beacon
a historical naval fortress from the second half 19. Century (inspection only with guidance possible).

The ship museum Duhnen
with ship's models, nautical instruments, naval painting, Digging ships and Scrimshaw

the Schneidemühler homeland rooms
Archives material of the city snowing the UHL/Eastern Pomerania

the city museum
a collection of the navigation, the port as well as the citizen military and the citizen culture 19. Century. A journey from the imperial navy to the today's German Federal Armed Forces.

Submarine archives
in old person break with photos, literature exhibits of the developing history of the submarines

the wreck museum many
articles of sunk ships accommodate the small museum, it inform about fates of many ships and humans unite. In the grounds is among other things a small submarine toosee.

The lock Ritzebüttel with palace garden

Hapag resounding
Cuxhavens historical emigration plant

shell museum
More than 3,000 „inheritances” the sea inhabitant as well as skurrile beach finds are shown from Easter to Octobers in north wood. The something other museum in unusual kind presents.


in Cuxhaven resident are among other things the Cuxhavener Shantychor and the Cuxhavener pilot choir “Elbe 1”. Both choirs arise in the summer regularly on cure concert meetings.



the church towers in old person break
  • old person break pc. Nicolai church

the westernmostMunicipality old country of the Hadeln resident one of the farmer cathedrals in such a way specified of the area. From that the 13. Century coming Roman field stone church with its double towers (a donation enrich Altenbrucher sisters), is a Schmuckstück of the North Sea Coast, a comparable gives it not. InChurch tower was in former times national archives with the national seal. Holy bishop Nikolaus, the protection patron of the countries Hadeln showed these national seals. Thus also the coat of arms figure of the country Hadeln, today he is it also for the district Cuxhaven.

The uniqueness of theseChurch becomes clear at their interior arrangement. 1727 were renewed it as brick carcass, the precious gothical altar shrines from that 15 century are the most important work of this kind in north Germans the area. In the choir of 1710 and in the altar area are Priechen, alsoClimbing work and coats of arms decorated lie-like minister and patronage seats. As in its time (1650) the very famous Bildschnitzer Jürgen Heydtmann from Holstein to Otterndorf, created he came also for this church differently preciousnesses, the stubsnäsigen Puten and the wood essay of the baptizing boiler.

Also over 500 years one the oldest organ of Europe resident this church. The origins of the organ decrease/go back to the years 1497/98, when the organ farmer Johann Coci put the foundation-stone. In the years 1727/28 of Hinrich Klappmeyer, a pupil of theif Orgelbauers Arp Schnitger admitted thoroughly converted, them this very day essentially show its work.

  • Lüdingworth pc. Jacobi church

on one village-peppered was already established before 1200 this Roman field stone church. It is one of the most well-known and most beautiful „farmer cathedrals “ of the Hadelner of country, to that Lüdingworth centuries belonged. The choir area was placed only 1609 finished, the brick tower came into 17. Century in addition. „The Lüdestkooper altar”, a gothical wing altar from the time between 1420 and 1430, is the oldest of the Hadelner of country. ThatMain altarpiece with the shrunk columns and the rich Knopelornamenten likewise the three Epitaphen and the angel of the recent court originate from the workshop from Jürgen Heydtmann, a well-known Bildschnitzer from Otterndorf from the year 1665. A further Otterndorfer, Michael Rinkmaker,the magnificent pulpit created 1607.

As example for the organ architecture of the early baroque from Antonius the savage 1598/99 built organ is considered. Arp Schnitger and its Thüringer associated Andreas's weber restored and extended the organ by two pedals and to the Rückpositiv. 1982and 1999 restored it the empty masters of building of organs Jürgen Ahrend a further mark.

Semaphor am 6. Oktober 2004
Semaphore to 6. October 2004

at the port is the old person love, as well as the so-called wind semaphore. It concerns a wind force andWind tee from the year 1884. The semaphore shows the respective wind directions and - Borkum and Helgoland strengthen on on the islands. The technical monument is adjusted daily after the current weather messages.


  • Mit dem Wernerwald befindet sich in Cuxhaven (Kurteil Sahlenburg) neben einem Wald bei Sankt Peter-Ordingdas einzige Waldgebiet Deutschlands, das direkt an der Nordseeküste liegt.In diesemForest area is directly west beside the Waldweg Arensch Sahlenburg an u-shaped soil hollow, which by removal of the starting place of the operation Backfire (exact situation, see [1] ) developed.
  • Citizen park old person forest
  • lock park
  • Schleusenpriel


  • in the quarter Duhnen finds since approx.100 years regularly in the summer (July/August) the Duhner Watt running instead of, a horse running on the sea-bottom. The date varies from year to year, since the meeting can take place only on one day, to in the early in the afternoon hours (approx. 15 o'clock)Niedrigwasser is. Depending upon weather conditions come each year 30,000 - 40,000 spectators, who want not to let themselves be escaped this unique “pageant”. For bets is available an electronic totalizer. Running by a multicolored meeting program, high point of this program is accompanied is again and again the parachuting.
  • Likewise in the summer regularly the EWE Athletics instead of (also “world class behind `m dyke mentioned”) finds for this comes from the whole world sportsman traveled and participates in this tournament. In Cuxhaven so also some WM become andDM qualifications decided.
  • Famous is also the “Beach Events”. Each weekend is another kind of sport at the row. Among other things Beach Handball, football, Volleyball, basketball and also Rugby are played. Since approx. DM finds to 4 years in in CuxhavenBeachhandball instead of, 2006 even the EM. All kinds of sport are delivered on the “center Court” and the 9 other playing fields directly at the beach, the “stadium at the sea”. A Catering mile and a Disco, which are developed particularly for the tournaments, ensurefor maintenance.
  • Cuxhaven `s basketball club Nr.1, the Bascats (RW Cuxhaven), plays in the 2.Bundesliga.
  • A cone club from Cuxhaven plays in the 1.Bundesliga.

there are

regular meetings under the cure enterprise in Cuxhaven numerous meetings, which take place each year:

  • Cuxhavener port days
  • “summer evening at the sea” with large fireworks
  • Duhner Watt running (see under “sport”)
  • Shantychorfestival
  • EWE Athletics (athlete IC sport celebration)
  • Beach Events (see under “sport”)

culinary specialities

to the culinary specialities to belong the sogennanten crabs, with those it itself actually around shrimpsacts, as well as different fish types, which are fished in the North Sea and both smoked into the trade to freshly and come, like Makrele, Kabeljau, Schellfisch, Wittling, sea-salmon, Scholle, sea-devil and tongues.

Economics and infrastructure

view on the water - TV tower
der „Hamburger Leuchtturm” in Cuxhaven
the Hamburg lighthouse” in Cuxhaven

the fish economy can likewise look back in Cuxhaven on a long tradition. In the year 1885 the fishing port was established. Until today Cuxhaven beside Bremerhaven has itselffor the most important fishery location of Germany develops. Despite the decrease of the fishery are 35 fish processing plants with approx. 1.000 persons employed in Cuxhaven resident.

Apart from the sea-fish market, the port and tourism enterprises and the German Federal Armed Forces also several important industrial enterprises settled in Cuxhaven.

Very muchfor the further economic development of the city Cuxhaven and their surrounding countryside the new port, which was taken to autumn 1997 in enterprise, is important. The area of the new port belonged to the free one and Hanseatic city Hamburg to 1993.

Only after long andthis surface changed tough negotiations with the Hamburgern into the possession of the country Lower Saxony, which invested then approximately 280 million DM into the building the new port concerning.

Cuxhaven is by its favorable situation to the Elbmündung the ideal locationfor envelope, camp and logistics enterprises as well as for an offshore one - basis port (wind energy).


to reach is Cuxhaven over A 27, the B73 or with the railway of Bremerhaven (North Sea course) and Hamburg (Niederelbebahn)out. Cuxhaven has an airport with north wood.

From Cuxhaven November 2005 operated a ferry after Harwich ( England ) to at the beginning of, which was however adjusted.

Between that 6. July and that 2. August 1914 existed in Cuxhaven for roundfour weeks a strassenbahnlinie, the so-called cannon course, between the main station and the away ball beacon.

The Steubenhöft is a jetty in Cuxhaven. The plant originally built for emigrant traffic serves today numerous cruise ships as landing place.

Cux haven: Herenumerous container ships are deleted, dispatched RoRo freight and changed cars, which with the course on and/or. are abtranportiert; Cux haven is a multi-function terminal.

naval location

the memorial place for the mine circular scrapers

an important role in Cuxhaven played alwaysalso the military. The first mine search units of the German navy were set up in Cuxhaven. In the port a memorial reminds of their employments in the 1. and 2. World war.

Cuxhaven is a German Federal Armed Forces location. However the swimming federations became 1968 from strategic reasons afterWilhelmshaven and Emden shift. Cuxhaven is also a location of the Federal Border Police (now:Federal police).

educational facilities

professional training one schools

  • professional training one schools Cuxhaven to homepage

High Schools

six-form high schools

  • brothers and sisters Scholl school old person forest
  • six-form high school Cuxhaven to homepage


  • Altenbrucher school
  • Bleikenschule
  • south getting school

primary schools

  • Abendrothschule
  • Altenbrucher school
  • Döser school
  • Franzenburger school

special schools

  • special school at the Schillerzentrum (emphasis. mental Entw.)
  • Wichernschule

technical schools


other schools

  • Gorch Fock school
  • free whale village school


of sons and daughters of the city

  • Rainer protect, deputies of the commander in chief of allied armed forces Europe (DSACEUR) in NATO headquarters SHAPE
  • Peter Hertel(Chess), German large master in remote chess and a FIDE master in close chess
  • Klaus Höpcke, German politician
  • Enno small ore, Portrait, naval and alpine painter
  • Andy vary, author and composer; with its German skirt volumes Cats TV at the beginning of the 80's in the Charts
  • Bruno Peyn, German writer
  • yokes Fraatz, ex hand ball national player; at its time of world-best players on its position
  • Anna me brook, U17 Frauennationalspielerin football
  • Andree Wölm, police national player football
  • Gunnar sour, ex professional and others Werder Bremen, was up to its heavyInjury the legitimate successor of Franz basin farmer as Libero
  • Andreas Brandts, ex professional, among other things Borussia M'gladbach, Fortuna Cologne


fishing rod waters

  • Altenwalder fishing rod park
    carp, Aal and Forelle
  • Gudendorfer lake (local part of old person forest)
    Zander,Forelle, salmon
  • cock to blinks in Wehldorf
    Aal, Barsch, brace, Forelle, Hecht, carp and white fish
  • Altenbrucher channel, Brake
    Aal, Barsch, brace, Forelle, Hecht, carp, red feather/spring, red eye, white fish and Zander
  • Elbe
    Aal, herring, Stint or Scholle

high sea-fishing rods

, as for instance the 24 m are enough for different ships, and 11 kn snaps ms „January Cux” or the nine meters of longer ms „January Cux II” can travels around Helgoland to high sea-fishing rods be undertaken approximately. On these conference routes hunt for Makrele can,Dorsch or cat shark to be made.


legends and legends

  • the Nixe and the knight
  • the old person love
  • Annegret and Enno
  • the devil in the Elbe
  • of the golden coffin in the Franzenburg
  • the hammer inLüdingworth
  • Bumann buoy
  • of the devil in the robe
  • the black animal in Lüdingworth
  • the two Turmspitzen of old person break
  • the altar shrine to old person break
  • of the tenth liberty of the Westerteiles in old person break
  • of the origin of the name Poitlangenteil
  • the strong Goos
  • the curse of the beggar-woman
  • The Kobolde with the fire place
  • the gebannte thief
  • of the heads in the warning field mill
  • The old person in the Westermoor

„Hook Betken its Duven “ the legend book of Elb and Weser delta
ISBN 3-931771-16-4 of the men of the morning star

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