Cyril Davies

Cyril Davies (* 1932 in Denham, England; † 7. January 1964) was a British Bluesmusiker. Its instrument was the harmonica.

The Bluesfan Davies operated London Blues and Barrelhouse club , that together with Alexis grains since 1955the germ cell of the British Bluesbewegung became. Davies and grains played also as duo together.

With grains Davies 1961 the volume Blues Incorporated created, from which a whole number of well-known Blues and rock musicians and - volume came out. In the Londoner they operated quarter Ealing the Ealing club, where the Bluesszene met and together played.

1963 left Davies Blues Incorporated and created the Cyril Davies' universe of star.

At the beginning of of 1964 died Cyril Davies at leukaemia. Long John Baldry resumed those volume under the name Hoochie Coochie Men .

Work on []


  • The Legendary Cyril Davies (1957)
  • Alexis grains and Cyril Davies (1957-61)
  • Cyril Davies (1962)
  • R&B From The Marquee (1971)
  • Dealing With The Devil: Immediate Blues, volume. 2 (1992)
  • Stroll on (1992)


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