Cyril Northcote Parkinson

Cyril Northcote Parkinson (* 30. July 1909 in barn pool of broadcasting corporations Castle in the County Durham; † 9. March 1993 in Canterbury) was a British historian and journalist.

Discoverer after it designated of the Parkinson laws, toExample over the observation that work is expanded exactly in the measure, as time stands to its completion for order. Before such a background it could prove also on the basis concrete examples that administrations a constant annual increase in personnelregister, which is independent of the range of the tasks of the administrations.

He became through over 60 books world-wide admits, taught at universities, was active and finally for the European union a transport minister in the cabinet of Margaret Thatcher.

theoremsof Parkinson

  • the first law of Parkinson: “Work expands so as tons fill the time available for its completion. ”
  • The Parkinson proportional rule: “During budget debates is in reverse proportional the time applied for the discussion expense item to its height. ”
Work on []


smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Delancey row

  • The Devil ton of Pay, 1973
  • The Fireship, 1975
  • Touch and Go, 1977
  • DEAD Reckoning, 1978
  • Near, far, 1981 The
  • Guernsey one 1982 other

narrations And


  • Edward Pellew, Viscount Exmouth, 1934
  • The trade of wind, trade into the French Wars 1793-1815, 1948
  • Samuel Waters, Lieut. RN, 1949
  • trade into the Eastern Seas, 1955
  • Eastand west, 1963
  • Britannia Rules, 1977
  • Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, 1978
  • A Short History OF the British Navy, 1776-1816?
  • Portsmouth POINT, The Navy in Fiction, 1793-1815, 1948

other special books

  • Parkinson's Law, 1957
  • TheEvolution OF Political Thought, 1958
  • The Law and the of profit, 1960
  • in-Laws and Outlaws, 1962
  • Left Luggage, 1967
  • Mrs. Parkinson's Law, 1968
  • The Law OF Delay, 1970

hearing books

  • Discusses Political Science with Julian H.Franklin (10 LPs), 1959

German translations

  • Parkinsons law and other studies over the administration, Ullstein Taschenbuchverl., Munich 2001, ISBN 3-548-75072-9
  • Parkinsons new law, Rowohlt, Reinbek 1994, ISBN 3-499-17848-6
  • of perfect management, Verl. the economy, Berlin 1993, ISBN of 3-349-00944-1
  • entrepreneur jungles. Their signpost/guide by the entrepreneur everyday life, Rentrop, Bonn 1990, ISBN 3-8125-0132-5
  • Horatio Hornblower - its life and its time: a fictitious biography, Ullstein, Frankfurt/M; Berlin; ISBN 3-548-22207-2
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