Dúbravka (Bratislava)

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Wappen von Dúbravka Dúbravka in der Slowakei
base data quarter Dúbravka
Kraj (landscape federation): Bratislavský kraj
Okres (district):

Bratislava IV

surface: 8.65 km ²
inhabitants: 34.665 (2003)
population density: 4007.51 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 243 m and. NN
postal zip code: 841 XX
preselection: 0 2
geographical situation: 48° 11 ' n. Br,
17° 02 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: BA< /code>, BL
municipality code number: 529389
arrangement quarter area: -
Address municipal office: Miestny úrad Bratislava Dúbravka
Žatevná 2
84101 Bratislava
official Website: www.dubravka.sk
E-Mail address:
mayor: Peter Polák

Dúbravka (German Kaltenbrunn, Hungarian Pozsonyhidegkút) is been a quarter in the northwest Bratislavas because of the foot of the small Karpaten (northeast) and the Thebener Kogels (southwest).

description and history

the place probably already existed in 14. Century as a function of the castle Theben, was mentioned however only 1576 for the first time and was through strongly coined/shaped by the influx of Croatian settlers.

Until 1946 the municipality was independent and came then as quarter to the city Bratislava.

quarter arrangement

that quarter is still divided into following further (the unofficial) quarters:

  • Podvornice
  • Záluhy
  • Krčace

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