THE THING is the youth radio program of the southwest broadcast, to 17. May 1997 was radiated for the first time. THE THING is a full time Radiosender, which is arranged editorial by young people and young adults. The program is free from advertisement and Sponsoring. The radio offer is supplemented by an on-line one - forum and since April 2002 by the weekly live one - television broadcast (SWR , BR-alpha).

THE THING supports medium projects of grades and schools, z. B. School newspapers and pupil radios, with Workshops and professional technology.

The transmitter was started in the context of a DAB - pilot project as co-operation of at that time still independent broadcasting corporations southwest radio and South German broadcast.

Organizational THE THING is accommodated in the SWR in the “Pop unit” together with SWR3 in Baden-Baden.

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THE THING by Southern German Broadcasting Corporation and Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation particularly from three considerations one based:

  1. A new homeland should be given to the musical youth culture, which was not comprehensively represented by the head Popprogrammen SWF3 and Southern German Broadcasting Corporation 3 any longer.
  2. Regenerating radio moderators should get a professional stage for collecting practical experience.
  3. THE THING should apply as auxiliary offer, which is spread predominantly only over DAB, this new technology and help her to the break-through.

THE THING actually played much alternative music particularly in the start time. But starting from 2002 the music color changed clearly; Charts were taken up strengthened to the rotation, back-continued to push alternative ever. Today THE THING is a Radiosender with typical close youth radio a rotation, alternative in the program is to a large extent into the special transmissions was pushed, however, as one sees at the program schemata, in this time developed.

With THE THING already some young Radiomacher program drove, a well-known outlet it until today did not give. In Internet forums occasionally about the fact it is complained that the training with THE THING essentially consists of it wants to repeat the DASDING Claim of “everything which you” in the minutes pulse and to accommodate as much as possible Teaser in one transmission hour.

THE THING did not create it to help DAB to a break-through; At the end of of 2002 drove the southwest broadcast the ranges down of its programs clearly, since THE THING in the DAB package of Baden-Wuerttemberg only radiated with 120kbps-MP2, which means qualitatively clearly worse hearing quality than a normal MP3.


  • club thing, electrical special transmission, by Partnersender our thing is transferred to Saarbruecken.
  • Dingschau, hourly newscast
  • hearing time, radio play distance. Here crime film rows often run such as Jerry Cotton.
  • Housesession, technical eye dung on Friday
  • loud, alternatively skirt on Tuesday (presentation: Christiane Falk)
  • Ministry OF sound, in former times from London live taken over
  • net parade, conception of new music from all music directions (all titles gives it free of charge in the net) (presentation: Steffen root)
  • R'n'B' party, R'n'B Spezialsendung
  • consulting hour, RAP and Hip Hop (presentation: Alexander (DJ Sandy) Franke)

THE THING offers also the possibility of listening to the most popular transmissions again. They are available as Stream on the homepage.

receipt possibilities

THE THING 1997 were planned as “youth Multimediaprojekt” without intended UKW frequencies. The spreading should be made only by satellite, digital radio and Internet liveStream. Later starting from 1999 the SWR wanted to lock the program on UKW Restfrequenzen from the own existence. However the SWR convention of 1998 forbade among other things after view at that time of the federal state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg the spreading of further programs via UKW. Only in the year 2000 the southwest broadcast in its view became generally accepted and could in April 2000, one day after the start of the private national wave bends to FM in Baden-Wuerttemberg, THE THING on few city frequencies to lock, which before transferred a abendliches foreign language program of the pool of broadcasting corporations for the majority only. Later still further frequencies for the program could be coordinated and locked, a surface covering receipt barness however over UKW in foreseeable time not attainable will be.

The program is fed at present (2005) into all cable systems into Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Wuerttemberg and spread beyond that via DAB , DVB-S and addr.


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