DC Comics

DC Comics is an US-American Comicverlag.

The initials “DC” is an abbreviation for Detective Comics.


the publishing house was first, for the 30's successes with superheroes obtained, among them with Superman (the most well-known superhero at all), Batman, Wonder Woman, red lightning (English. Flash) and the Green lantern (English. Green Lantern), as well as the first superhero team, the Justice Society OF America. DC introduced thereby the golden age of the Comics in the USA. End of the 40's accepted the interestSuperheroes again off and the publishing house concentrated on other category. Only the most popular superheroes such as Superman and Batman could hold themselves.

End of the 50's, at the beginning of the 60's began the so-called silver age of the Comics. Numerous series of the early years, like Flashor Green Lantern were again started in a revised version. DC got competition of Marvel Comics. The Superheldencomics of Marvel was characterised by a larger depth both the characters, and stories themselves. This development was overslept at the beginning of however by DC.

OnlyNumerous old veterans were replaced to end of the 60's, at the beginning of the 70's by new young coworkers. These were strongly affected of Marvel. Artists such as Dennis O'Neil or Jack Kirby invented new characters or developed the old further.

Innumerable parallel university verses became in the middle of the 1980er ina Comic Event never dagewesenen unites. The Crisis on Infinite Earths structured all series of the publishing house again and created a constant universe without parallel worlds. In the individual series developing stories of the individual heroes were interpreted new.

In the Zero Hour were exterminated last inconsistencies. Since thenthe DC-Comics is afflicted in the salesweak summer months always again by new series-spreading Comic Events. Some this Events:Underworld, the Third World War, DC1 million.

Meanwhile the publishing house Time Warner belongs; the Panini publishing house, that possesses the German rights of exploitation likewise thoseMarvel Comics gives change.

Since 1993 also an older target group with the Imprint Vertigo becomes (among other things Sandman, Hellblazer, The Dark Knight Returns) addressed.

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