DFB cup

the DFB cup Trophäe for the winner

the DFB cup is the cup competition for German association crews. He is organized annually by the German football federation (DFB).

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Programmheft zum Tschammerpokalfinale 1940
program to the Tschammerpokalfinale 1940

To 23. December 1935 was delivered for the first time a final around the German association cup, at that time the of Tschammer cup, designated after the realm sport leader Hans von Tschammer and Osten. Model was the English football with its annual cup final game, whichfrom 1923 to 2002 in the Londoner Wembley stadium was delivered.

The first final game took place in the Düsseldorfer Rhine stadium before 60.000 spectators. In the final the previous year master fiber plastic Schalke 04 and the record master at that time 1 stood itself. Fiber plastic Nuremberg opposite. Nuremberg wonthe play something surprisingly with 2:0.

After the Second World War it lasted in the Federal Republic of Germany until 1952, until the DFB brought the association cup back to life.

To the winner 52 cm a high cup becomes from gilded since 1965 Sterlingsilber hand over. In the year 1991 the base of the Trophäe, which liquid seizes eight litres, was increased in order 5 cm, in order to create place for further winner engravings.

To the GDR 1949 a cup were already introduced, the FDGB cup. There inat the time at that time no associations, played in the FDGB cup first the different operating sport communities were permitted to the GDR. First Cup winner became to 28. August 1949 in resounds the BSG building of railroad cars Dessau, which defeated the BSG Gera south with 1:0.

Since 1981there is the DFB cup also with the women. The first final game won the SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach.



all plays in the DFB cup over a regular play time by 2 x 45 minutes are delivered. The winner of a play draws into the next round. If it stands after the regular play time undecided, the play becomesby 2 x extends 15 minutes. Even if it stands after the extension still remis, the winner in a penalty shootout is determined. The modes temporarily valid with other competitions golden Goal and Silver Goal were so far not used in the DFB cup.

To1977 were accomplished with an undecided after extension first no penalty shootout, but set a repetition play. The home right turned around. Only even if it stood in the repetition play after extension undecided, it came to the penalty shootout. After the final game in the year1977 between Hertha BSC Berlin and that 1. Fiber plastic Cologne after extension 1:1 ended and in the history of the DFB cup within two days a repetition play to be for the first time set had, modified one this regulation, there a so short term play setting substantial logisticProblems with itself brought. Starting from the season 1977/78 the final games were decided immediately with undecided Spielstand after extension by penalty shootout.

The regulation to set with undecided Spielstand after extension a repetition play became for the play rounds to inclusively the semi-final also after1977 maintain. Since setting of repetition plays led again and again to date problems, the mode was changed starting from the season 1991/92. Since that time in each round with undecided Spielstand after extension a penalty shootout is accomplished immediately, in order to determine the winner.

Teilnehmer aus den Amateurligen

Neben den 18 Bundesligisten und den 18 Zweitbundesligisten der abgelaufenen Saison qualifizierten sich für die kommende Saison folgende 28 Amateurmannschaften für den DFB-Pokal: the federation Cup winners of the 21 regional organizations and those in each case first and Zweitplatziertenthe play time run off in the regional leagues south and north. Since with the federation cups the winners of the circle cups are qualified, the theoretical possibility exists of being allowed to begin with the DFB cup for each Herrenmannschaft, even if it plays in the lowest league. Besidesmay in each case a further amateur club from the three DFB regional organizations, which have most Herrenmannschaften in the play enterprise (at present are this Bavaria, Westphalia and Lower Saxony), in the DFB cup to participate. Usually this is the losers federation cup - of the final game.

1. and 2. Since

the season 2000/2001 the associations of the soccer federal league are again committed to main round to take closed at the first main round part. This decided the adviser of the German football federation (DFB) at its meeting to 23.October 1999.

The mating of the first round is drawn lots from two containers, by those the crews of the federal league and 2. Federal league and the other one the amateur crews contain. Hereunder applies the status in the play year of the competition which can be drawn lots. An exceptionapplies to the four Aufsteiger to 2. Federal league, which are assigned to the amateur container deviating from their status. The amateur crews have home right. With the drawing to the second main round again from two pots one draws. In first are the associations of the license footballcontained, in second the amateur representatives, to who also the home right is given. Hereunder applies the status in the play year of the competition which can be drawn lots. Starting from the round of the last sixteen only from a container one draws. Then still the amateur representatives remained in the competition keep with plays approximatelyFederal league club further their home right.

eighth, quarter and semi-final

the Vorschlussrunden are drawn from a lot pot. The association drawn first has home right, it is at a play mating participates an amateur lyingist. This should in a portion approximatelya license player crew on second place to be pulled, is exchanged the home right.

the final game

the winners of the two half final plays meet one another since 1985 in the citizen of Berlin olympia stadium in the final. Until 1984 the final game place was specified relatively at short notice, after thoseFinalists were certain. Was selected mostly a place, which lay geographically in such a way that the groups of fans of both associations had one if possible equal far journey way.

The decision, the cup final independently of the final mating firmly into the olympia stadium in at that time still the divided and ofArea of the old Federal Republic of separated Berlin to assign, was at that time undisputed, did not work however fast. Fears, many fans would do because of the necessary transit journeys by the GDR at that time without an attendance of the final game, proved to be true not.

Citizens of Berlin the olympia stadiumbecame fast the “German Wembley” and the final games always took place before full ranks. Today the attractiveness of the final game is so large that many fans order tickets independently of the final mating promptly and the map contingents the available by farare not sufficient, in order to satisfy the demand. Also the associations involved, which receive generously measured map contingents for their trailers, complain partially violently that the enormous demand cannot be served appropriately. Since then the call “Berlin, is Berlin, we drivesto Berlin " with the fans of the victorious crews much likes.

Since the abolishment of the “Cup winner competition” on European level the winner of the DFB cup may begin in the next season in the UEFA cup. If the winner itself already in the federal league for those UEFA champion League, the championsleague qualification or the UEFA cup qualified, ignores the right of the participation in the UEFA cup automatically on the loser of the final game. If both final game participants are already qualified for the champions League or the UEFA cup, a further takesCrew from the federal league at the UEFA cup part. From this regulation 2004/2005 Bavarian 04 Leverkusen in the season, which as the table sixth was qualified for the UI-Cup actually only, profited. There however the finalists Bavaria Munich and the fiber plastic Schalke 04 inthe champions League play, went the place at Leverkusen.

cup sensations

straight line the participation (of often considerable) unterklassiger associations provides for tension and attraction of the DFB cup. Nearly each season succeeds it to amateur associations, associations from the 1. or 2. Leagueto switch off. Well-known examples for this were in the last years of the FV 09 Weinheim, the TSV Vestenbergsgreuth and the 1. Fiber plastics Magdeburg, which defeated the record master Bavaria Munich. The amateurs of Hertha BSC Berlin as well as the third lyingists at that time Energy Cottbus and 1. Fiber plastics union Berlin created it even in the final game. The largest sensations so far probably arrive kicker open brook and Hanover 96. Both associations won the cup as non--federal lyingist.

A special curiosity coined/shaped the DFB Pokalwettbewerb in the season1982/83: To the first and so far only mark both finalists came from the same city. In the Cologne Müngersdorfer stadium stood themselves the federal lyingist 1. Fiber plastic Cologne and the secondary lyingist sports club Fortuna Cologne opposite. The favored federal lyingist won the final with 1:0.

Thosemany surprises and the much-sworn to own „cup character “, i.e. the characteristic that in a play around all or nothing is and is determined in each case a winner, constitute the special attraction of the cup competition. A well-known empty phrase reads:„The cup has its own laws “.

slate cup

the inclined cup

in the year 2002 let Schalke - manager Rudi Assauer the cup (according to own data from carelessness) fall, and damaged this thereby. Lasting for weeks was the inclined cup tooSchalke in the Schalke museum issued, until it was repaired for a price by approximately 32,000 euro.

Tschammerpokal winners

DFB Cup winner

of men

DFB Cup winner (after number):

Fiber plastic Bavaria Munich 13
sports association Werder Bremen 5
fiber plasticsSchalke 04 4
1. Fiber plastic Cologne 4
SG unity Frankfurt 4
VfL Borussia Moenchengladbach 3
Hamburg sports association 3
VfB Stuttgart 3
Fortuna Duesseldorf 2
BV Borussia Dortmund 2
1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern 2
Karlsruher sports club 2
red white meal 1
black-and-white meal 1
Hanover 96 1
fiber plastic Bavarian 05 Uerdingen 1
TSV Bavarian 04 Leverkusen of 1
kicker open brook 1
1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 1
TSV 1860 Munich 1


DFB Cup winner (after number):

TSV victories 5
FSV Frankfurt 5
1. FFC Frankfurt 5
SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach 3
green white Brauweiler 3
1. FFC turbine potsdam 3
FCR Duisburg 1
KBC Duisburg 1

famous one DFB Cup winner and hero of the final games


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