DJ Koze

DJ Koze (* 1972 in Flensburg; civil Stefan Kozalla) is a German DJ and music producer.


at the beginning of the 1990er years began it as RWSby and DJ at different Hip Hop groups in Flensburg. 1991 reached DJ Koze with the national DMC championship the second place. Two years later it pulled to Hamburg and created together with Cosmic DJ and the “terrible Sven” the Hip Hop - to formation fish mobilization, which remained existing about five years long.

Parallel to it it employed also with electronic music, increased its admitting heating degree as DJ and produced some Remixe, partly also under the alias Adolf Noise. 1996 appeared wounds the called “Chillout radio play ”, S. Legs openly. Particularly successfully 1999 its mixture of Bluem field single thousands tears low with that was minimal House - TRACK Loverboy of Steve nose. A collection of such Remixe appeared 2000 under the title music is okay.

With max of Goldt as speakers it published 2001 as Adolf Noise the single your Reime is pigs (proper pigs), a satire on Battle RAP - TRACKs in the German Hip Hop.

Together with Cosmic DJ and Erobique he created the project internationally Pony, of which 2002 appeared the album to incoming goods love music.

Since 2003 Koze published several Techno Maxis with Cologne labels the compact, and. A. under the name Monaco Schranze (a Verballhornung of Monaco Franze and Schranz). There also 2004 its second mix CD is my Friends people with the title universe appeared.

DJ Koze is an in demand club DJ with numerous appearances also with large Raves like the Mayday, Nature One and Time Warp. With reader inquiries of the music magazines Spex, Intro and de: Nose he was selected several times to the DJ of the yearly.

Productions running under the name Adolf Noise are generally experimental and more verschrobener. , Often nearly klamaukige humor already well-known from fish mobilization times comes also here to carrying. In April 2005 the first Adolf Noise album appeared where the Rammelwolle flies. The single too much time? from this an expression of the hit singer Gunter Gabriel samplet with an appearance in ice lives in September 2004 in ironical way, with which this had insulted the public as an unemployed person and with it for a scandal in East Germany had provided.

Kozalla lives since 1996 in the multi-culturally coined/shaped Hamburg quarters pc. George.

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