DJ Qualls

Donald Joseph Qualls (* 12. July 1978 in Nashville, threshing floor lake, the USA) is an US-American actor

life and career

Donald Joseph Qualls is admits under the name DJ Qualls. It buildup in Manchester (threshing floor lake) as one of five brothers and sisters. With 14 years it got sick to a form of the lymph node cancer with Hodgkin's disease , could be healed however. To its study at the University OF London it returned to its hometown and worked there in a law office. In this time it began to play in a local theatre and by the photographers David La Chapelle and Steve small was discovered. In the future DJ Qualls modelte among other things for Prada. Its film debut gave it 2000 in Road Trip. Apart from its film career it engages itself for cancer research projects.

DJ Qualls was to 21. September 2005 as a passenger on board the airplane of the JetBlue Airways of flight 292, which had to make an emergency landing because of one nose gear wheel turned around 90°.


  • 2000 - Road Trip
  • 2000 - Sex or die!
  • 2001 - Chasing Holden
  • 2002 - Comic Book mansion in
  • the 2002 - The new Guy
  • 2002 - each quantity annoyance
  • 2002 - Lone star State OF Mind
  • 2003 - The core - the internal core
  • 2005 - Little of Athens
  • 2005 - Hustle & flow

DJ Qualls had guest appearances in several TV-series, so among other things in Law & order, Scrubs, draws and Punk' D.

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