DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow (civil Josh Davis, * 1. January 1973 in Hayward, California) is an US-American Hip Hop - DJ, Vinylsammler and music producer.

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DJ Shadow ist einer der Vorreiter des Turntablism und gilt als wichtige Figur bei der Entwicklung des experimentellen Hip Hop, der gemeinhin mit dem Londoner Label Mo' Wax von James Lavelleverbunden wird. To this it carried with itsSingle in/flux and the piece of Duality developed in co-operation with DJ Krush considerably.

Its first album Endtroducing of 1996 represents a milestone in the British thanks - scene. Until 1998 he co-operated with James Lavelle 's project UNKLE and published with him thatAlbum Psyence Fiction (guest interpreter: Thom Yorke, Beastie Boys, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Ashcroft).

Its older productions consist to 100 per cent of Samples of all directions. Record players and mixer are understood and used as instrument. A majority of its productions on an individual Akai MPC 60 developed.Meanwhile it uses however also Synthesizer .


albums and Compilations

  • Endtroducing… (1996)
  • Preemptive Strike (1998)
  • Psyence Fiction (1998) - over project UNKLE
  • Quannum Presents Solesides Greatest Bumps (2000)
  • The private one press (2002)
  • The private Repress (2003)
  • Diminishing Returns(2003)
  • Endtroducing… Deluxe edition 2CD (2005)
  • Schoolhouse radio II (Compilation) (2005)
  • Funky Skunk (mix CD) (2005)


  • Lifer's Group/DJ Shadow: The material Deal (Shadow Remix) /Lesson 4 (1991)
  • Asia Born/DJ Shadow: Send Them/COUNT and Estimate (Dub) to /Hip Hop Reconstruction from the Ground UP (1993)
  • In/flux/Hindsight (1993)
  • draws & to Found (S.F.L.) (1994), Split 12 “with DJ Krush
  • What Does Your Soul Look Like (1995)
  • Chief Xcel/DJ Shadow: Fully Charged on planet X/Hardcore (instrument valley) Hip Hop, bonus Scratchapella, load stop (bonus Beat) (1996)
  • Midnight in A Perfect World (1996)
  • Stem (1996)
  • High Noon (1997)
  • Rabbit in Your Headlights (1998), under UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke
  • There EP (1998), under UNKLE feat. Ian Brown
  • Dark Days (2000), sound TRACK
  • You Can't Go Home Again (2002)
  • Six Days (2002)
  • Mashin' on the Motorway/Walkie Talkie(2003)
  • Serrate de la Rocha: March OF Death (2003)
  • Radiohead: The Gloaming (DJ Shadow mix) (2004)
  • Keane: Incoming goods Might As wave Strangers (DJ Shadow vs. Keane mix) (2005)

photographs with other artists

  • Camel Bobsled Race (Q-Bert mega mix) (1997)
  • DJ Shadow & CUT Chemist: Brainfreeze (1999)
  • Quannum: Quannum Spectrum (1999)
  • Bombay the hard Way, Guns Cars and Sitars (with Dan the Automator) (1999)
  • DJ Shadow & CUT Chemist: Product Placement (2001)


  • Six Days (single)
  • Mashin' on the Motorway/Walkie Talkie (single)
  • in Tune and on Time

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