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DOS box
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base data
Current version: 0.65 (30. March 2006)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, OS/2, Mac OS X, Sega Dreamcast
category: DOS - Emulator
license: GPL (free software)
German-language: only with language file

DOS box is a DOS - emulator, which runs among other things under Windows , BeOS , Linux , Mac OS X , MorphOS , eComStation (OS/2) and even on the Sega Dreamcast. The first version (0.1) became to 31. January 2002 publishes.

With DOS box it is possible, the CCU for 286/386 - were based PC in material the mode as also in the Protected mode to be emulated.

Contrary to DOS windows in Windows or emulators such as DOSEMU on other operating systems DOS box emulates not only the hardware environment of a IBM-PC, but also the processor and normally also the operating system. This permits better control of the expiration of the emulated program - to z. B. a meaningful speed for older plays, which would run off on modern computers normally much too fast, in order to be playable. Besides it is as possible, also on computers, which have even no x86-Prozessor, as z. B. before 2006 built Apple Macintosh - the models to emulate a DOS. One knows if necessary also a genuine DOS operating system (z. B. MS-DOS or DR-DOS) within DOS box implements, that is however only very rarely necessary. Contrary to many other emulators also no (partial illegal) firmware copies are needed.

Also extended memories and special EXE load programs (for instance with the play jazz Jackrabbit) are supported starting from the version 0.61.

Further important characteristics are the emulation of:

the program SDL ( simple DirectMedia Layer) use there, are comparatively simple it to portieren.

DOS box makes possible even an implementing of applications of MSDOS under Windows XP “x64 edition” and if one implements Windows 3,1 (1) under the DOS box also from 16Bit-Windows-Anwendungen.

Similar projects are DOSEMU and the FreeDOS core, which are aligned to text mode programs contrary to DOS box. DOS box is frequently superior with plays DOSEMU.

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