base data
Current version: 1.2.2 (11. July 2005)
Operating system: Linux
category: DOS - Emulator
license: GPL (free software)
German-language: no

DOSEMU (of DOS Emu lation) is a DOS - emulator for Linux. The project stands under the GPL and is thereby free software. The first version (0.1) became at the 3. September 1992 publishes.

With DOSEMU the processor is not emulated, separates the DOS programs runs off on the real processor of the PC. This is faster than the method of DOS box, but less finely controllable (z. B. can old plays too fast with DOSEMU run, which one can repair with DOS box by the attitude of the speed) and functioned only on computers with Intel - x86 - of compatible CCU.

A DOS operating system is needed for DOSEMU, whereby FreeDOS is mostly used. DOSEMU makes available only the environment.

For plays the program DOS box offers an alternative, since it can occur that plays run under DOSEMU too fast. DOS box is however partly somewhat slow, if it concerns larger data sets.

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