DR-DOS is an operating system compatible to MS-DOS. It was developed by the company digitally Research from the operating system CP/M-86 (the letters DR to shorten the company names off).


contrary to Microsoft had digitally Research already since 1974 experience with the developmentof operating systems, not only since 1980, when Microsoft of IBM received the order to supply the operating system for the IBM-PC still in development. Thereupon of Microsoft bought to go with operating system, from which once MS-DOS should become later, was a clone of the operating system CP/M, with some advancements, but in the core with the same characteristics. Less because of its CP/M tradition, rather however because of its qualities and its stability DR-DOS applied already briefly after its appearance than equal competitor of MS-DOS. To the good reputation beyond that also characteristics carried as for examplethe ability to virtual multitasking . Also DR-DOS was clearly lower-priced than MS-DOS.

DR-DOS was further-driven out in version 7 by Novell under the name Novell DOS, went then at Caldera, where it was developed further under the name open DOS and published also in the source code. Calderachanged the names however soon again back in DR-DOS, since this was many more well-known. Afterwards DR-DOS von Lineo was bought up, who it sold however on in the meantime DEVICE logic. In March 2004 version 8 was published by DR-DOS, which for the employment in Embedded systems is optimized(only here DOS operating systems today still regularly assigned).

Microsoft built however allegedly into a Vorabversion of the no longer available Windows 3,1 - which still no independent operating system, but an operating system essay current under DOS was - an inquiry at that time in, in order to find out, under which operating system itone started. If Windows under DR-DOS was started, an error message appeared. Although after their way clicking Windows is to have functioned outstanding, she aroused the impression with many that something correct was nevertheless not whole. The error message had probably the purpose to prevent that MS-DOS with manySystem suppliers and OEMs one replaced by DR-DOS. System suppliers such as Vobis had at that time already done this step and had delivered several years successfully to PC with DR-DOS and PC/GEOS. According to rumors even IBM is to have considered, instead of PC DOS - the IBM version of MS-DOS - future DR-DOSto deliver with their systems. It speaks much for the fact that DR-DOS with Microsoft error message should be made madig, although proofs for it were never published, since the judicial argument finally ended around these occurrences in a comparison. In this comparison Microsoft at the beginning of paid 2000 (about inDecade later) allegedly 275 million dollar at Caldera, which DR-DOS 1996 of the company Novell, who had taken over right successor of digitally Research. There are even rumors that still more moneys is to have flowed. Whether the comparison can be rated as debt confession, is disputed.Microsoft came the process at that time extremely inconveniently, since several US Federal States had likewise submitted complaint briefly before against Microsoft. The DR-DOS-process represented a with difficulty calculable risk in this connection, why Microsoft might have been been very much because of it to terminate it as fast as possible. Of Microsoft plan howeverwas long come up at the time of the comparison: No court decision of the world could have cancelled the commercial fall of DR-DOS ever.

After DR-DOS at Lineo was paged out and meanwhile in the hand from DEVICE logic is, there is a version 8, however only the FAT32-Support asFeature possesses. An advancement was put practically on ice. In September 2005 version 8.1 was published.

Not to forgotten is Enhanced DR-DOS. It comes from OpenDOS/DR DOS 7,01, whose source code was opened. And. Kuhnt transferred the further development in the spare time since 2003,from it FAT32-Support and some useful Bug-Fixes come (e.g. in the task manager). There is regular updates and it is thus the only interesting successor.

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