DVD audio

the DVD audio is a DVD - variant, which serves for the rendition of music. It is considered to that as a successor audio CD (Compact disk).

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structure of the DVD audio

an DVD audio is a DVD-ROM, which contains certain files with a given structure (AOB files) in a special sublist (AUDIO_TS)and on a DVD audio player to be played can. These data contained not-datareduced audio signals and fixed images.

DVD video is a DVD-ROM, which contains and on a DVD video player be played can certain files with a given structure (VOB files) in a special sublist (VIDEO_TS). These data contained not-datareduced ordatareduced audio signals, standing or moving pictures as well as optional sub-titles.

A hybrid DVD contains both an DVD audio and a DVD video part and is playable thereby both on DVD video Playern and on DVD audio Playern. Practically all DVD audio in the trade are hybrids.


  • development target
  • cracks of the copy protection and delays…
  • Competitor
  • of problems with marketing:

That (still) no high-prominent proponents went into action, a reason may be why the format up to now a Stiefmütterchendasein triconstantly. Thus there was at the beginning of the 1980er years harsh ore of Karajan, the audio CD the way to the fame “free-directed”.

differences in the abilities to DVD video

  • the support of 44.1 kHz and 88.2 kHz as sampling rate (to 6 channels) [DVD-V supports only 48 and 96 kHz]
  • support of 176.4 kHz and 192 kHz as sampling rate (to 2 channels) [DVD-V supports maximally 96 kHz]
  • Support of loss-free compression (MLP) [DVD-V does not have anything such a thing]
  • maximum data rate for audio of 9,8 Mbps [DVD-V max. That results in 6.144 Mbps], with MLP the possibility for modes like 6 x 16 bits x 96 kHz or 6 x 24 bits x 96kHz
  • fixed image gallery per title (for song texts etc.) [DVD-V does not have anything such a thing]
  • sub-title coded (as ASCII) [DVD-V does not have anything such a thing]
  • more thought out loudspeaker management for 2.0 or 2.1-Konfigurationen
  • NO moving picture
  • NO lossy audio compression (MPEG audio, Dolby digital, DTS o.a.)
  • NO graphics sub-titles
  • NO loudspeaker management for 4.0or 4.1-Konfigurationen
  • NO regional codes as with DVD-V (because of the fixed images there are however to NTSC and PAL disks)
  • robustere copy protection mechanisms owing to CPPM of 4C and digital water-mark of Verance [DVD-V uses CSS]

The Spieldauer is substantially more flexibly than those the SACD (their theoretical limit111 min for Stereo and 101 min for multi-channel photographs lies). Them amount to per side

  • 2x 16 bits x 44.1 kHz: without MLP 13.4 hours, with MLP 18… 27 hours
  • of 6x 16 bits x 48 kHz: without MLP 4.1 hours, with MLP 6.5 to 10 hours
  • 6x24 bits x 48 kHz: without MLP --, with MLP 3.3 to 4.1 hours
  • 6x 24 bits x 96 kHz: without MLP --, with MLP 1.9 to 2.5 hours
  • 2x 24 bits x 192 kHz: without MLP --, with MLP 3.5 to 5 hours

Sampling rate dissolution
16 bits 20 bits 24 bits
44,1 kHz max. 6 channels
48,0 kHz
88,2 kHz max. 6 channels max. 4 channels
96,0 kHz
176,4 kHz not possible
192,0 kHz
sampling rate dissolution
16 bits 20 bits 24 bits
44,1 kHz max. 6 channels
48,0 kHz
88,2 kHz
96,0 kHz
176,4 kHz max. 2 channels
192,0 kHz

LPCM = L inear P ulse C desert M odulation

MLP = M eridian L ossless P acking sometimes also PPCM (Packed of pulses code modulation) mentioned.

optional features

  • thatMeridian above already mentioned Lossless Packing (MLP) to the loss-free compression
    • makes possible high play times (e.g. for hearing books), although data reduction is missing à la to dd or dts
    • necessary for all modes, of them unkomprimierte data rate otherwise above 9,8 Mbps lies
  • copy protection
    • digital contents on an DVD audio can afterChoice of the publisher by a digital copy protection against unwanted spreading to be protected; the used procedure CPPM (content Protection for Pre Recorded Media) is a variant of the CSS - copy protection. The use of the copy protection is not compelling also with industrially manufactured DVD Audios.
  • Data outside of the listingsAUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS for computer use
    • as on CD, and DVD-V data on an optional computer only TRACK are storable also on a DVD-A. A possibility is to store the audio data datareduced in a Compressed in such a way specified zone by DRM protected.

on CD players playableWith the Flip in such a way

specified disk (dual disk) it acts versions (CD hybrids) around one sand-yielded itself out of conventional audio CD and an DVD audio; these disks are not however because of to large thickness (1.2 mm + 0.6 mm) standard conformal. That leads to problemsDevices, which clamp the CD on the laser side.

Conceivable is also a version, which has a layer permeable for red light in 0.6 mm of depth for DVD A players and full-reflecting in 1.2 mm a depth for CD players. One gets problems however with DVD video Playern, those only thoseDVD layer look for and there nothing find. A similar variant exists already since longer with that super audio CD.

advantages and disadvantages opposite the DVD-A the CD-DA

provable ones of advantages

  • longer play time than the CD

CD audio ►► DVD audio
PCM Stereo
80 min
LPCM ¹ ♪
~7 h ~12 h ~14 h ~24 h

MLP ² ♫
~14 h ~24 h ~28 h ~48 h

¹ for the model calculation a pure DVD audio is taken as a basis, therefore the VIDEO_TS file is empty.

² likewise none hybrid DVD with accepted favorable compression relationship of 2:1. In truth this rate is however variable and depends on the music piece.
Bspw. classical period with calm passages is better compressable than skirt with fuller “roar”.

  • discrete multi-channel technology possible
  • audibly improves audio quality as audio CD,by the higher range of up to 85kHz and the better Dynamikbereich of up to approx. 147 railways. Many do not maintain that the audio CD can represent the full hearing extent in best quality, this is however due to the signal theory the case.


  • playing devices, those requires disadvantagessubstantially more rarely than CD players are
  • required frequent complete operation of a DVD A player a television


the DVD-A is at present (2006) a niche product, which with only 100 new publications per year (within all music ranges together) unite in strong competition to the SACD stand, which above allwithin the classical period range has higher sales numbers. To few represented category on DVD audio also here are TRACKs of sound of film, has the SACD a firmer support leg. However the DVD-A on the important US-American market has a projection/lead. In Europe against it it so far hardly plays a role (Philips is thanks?). Which medium will become generally accepted, openly, possibly both even by newer developments replaced as for instance the HD-DVD seems to be and Blu ray the disk.

software for the PC

meanwhile is the DVD audio also whole at the PC applicable - inContrast to the Haupkontrahenten SACD those is not even readable.

To playing:

  • PowerDVD
  • WinDVD

for providing:

  • CubeDVD A
  • DigiOnAudio
  • of discWelder
  • DVD audio Creator
  • DVD audio solo
  • Samplitude
  • WaveLab


  • Meridian DVD audio Project Calculator English.

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