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Wappen der großen Kreisstadt Dachau
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Deutschlandkarte, Position von Dachau hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: DAK-strike
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 16 ' N, 11° 25 ' O
48° 16 ' N, 11° 25 ' O
height: 480 m and. NN
surface: 34.85 km ²
inhabitants: 39.922 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 1131 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 85221
preselection: 08131
Kfz characteristics: DAH
municipality characteristic number: 09 1 74 115
of the city administration:
To Konrad Adenauer road 2-6
85221 DAK-strike
Website: www.dachau.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Peter Bürgel

DAK-strike is a large district town alsoapprox. 40,000 inhabitants northwest from Munich and center of the district of the same name with approx. 132,000 inhabitants in the governmental district Upper Bavaria.

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geographical situation

DAK-strike is northwest from Munich and 482 m over NN because of that Amper in the Dachauer Moos. Directly adjacent municipalities are mountain churches in the west, Schwabhausen and lifting RTS living in the north as well as Karl field in the south.

city arrangement

the city consists former municipality Pellheim of the quarters old part of town, roof outer south, roof outer east, Mitterndorf, August field as well as the localities of the 1972 eingemeindeten,to except Pellheim themselves still Pullhausen, Lohfeld, eating living and cattle living belong.

to history


settlement traces back “lehmige Aue” goes starting from 805 into the Steinzeit, documentary occupied is translated the place as Dahauua . To 15.August 805 at present of the Karl's large one gave the noble one Erchana, from which old count sex of the Aribonen, its entire landed property in “Dahauua”, which consisted of 5 Colonenhöfen and some body-own, after its death the diocese freesing. The document is the first document, in which DAK-strikeone mentions. 2005 jährte itself this date to the twelve-hundredth mark. DAK-strike is older thereby than Munich whose urban history begins 1158 with Heinrich the lion.

the Middle Ages

starting from that 12. Century served DAK-strikes as summer seat for numerous Bavarian princes. Between 1240 and 1270DAK-strikes market right received, either from duke Otto II. or his son, duke Ludwig II. .

City parish church pc. Jakob

16. Century

established between 1546 and 1577 by the Wittelsbachern the lock DAK-strike in the style the Renaissance.

18. Century

Transformed by June 1715 to autumn 1717, the lock DAK-strike by Joseph Effner in the style of the time.

19. Century

at the beginning 19. Century the north, east and south wing of the lock plant because of state of decay were broken off. The dance or Gartensaaltrakt remained toreceive today. After the center 19. Century became the place homeland of numerous artists. The artist colony DAK-strike made the place the most important painter colony beside Worpswede in Germany outside of the large cities.

20. Century

in the year 1908 became a large people celebration under presencethe prince Ludwig von Bayern to the 1100-jährigen of anniversary of the market DAK-strike celebrated. This celebration took place only three years after the actual date. In the Dachauer lock the urban picture gallery was opened.

At sad celebrity arrived DAK-strike by the 1933 by the national socialists established Concentration camps DAK-strike, the first “official” camp of the Nazis, which became beside Auschwitz the epitome of the concentration camps. The concentration camp is today a memorial place, which one can visit.

To 15. November 1933 the earlier market DAK-strike raised to the city and the municipalities Etzenhausen, Mitterndorf, Udlding,Stone churches and parts of the municipalities Prittlbach and lifting RTS living in in common December. The earlier royal powder and ammunition factory, which belonged later concentration camps, only starting from this time to the city DAK-strike.

21. Century

2002 voices became hundredfold in favor of of several CSU candidates with the local election in DAK-strikemanipulated. 3500 Wahlscheine remained without trace disappeared. With 57 voices projection/lead - in a ballot - selected mayors Peter Bürgel of the CSU complained against one of the ministry of the Interior ordered cancellation of the elections. The two confessing mainguilty (the CSU members Wolfgang Aechtner and Georgios Trifinopolous withdrawn hasty) becameto 28. January 2003 after a “Deal” between public prosecutor and accused of to probation and fines (125,000 euro) condemned. The suit-case with cash was transferred still to the day of the negotiation in the court room. The two choice counterfeiters stood to 7. July 2004 again before court. The procedure is not yet finally. Four warrants of arrest were waived by the public prosecutor's office and the determinations were adjusted. With the repeated municipal election the CSU lost two seats, the alliance for DAK-strikes a seat carrier. The mayor ballot, which was also repeated, could WHETHER Bürgel (CSU) for itself win. Ina further procedure, which the large one district town DAK-strike and which district against the two the election fraud for guilty found former CSU members Wolfgang Aechtner and Georgios Trifinopolous exerted, the choice counterfeiters became condemned, for the financial damage, which by the re-dialling developed in a basic judgement, to arise. OneContestation of this judgement is expected. The damage becomes from city and circle on approx. 150.000 € numbers.

2005 celebrated DAK-strike its 1200-jähriges city anniversary.


town councillor

the town councillor consist of 40 members in the electoral period of 2002-2008.

L.G. and FDP for the current period to a parliamentary group community united.

coat of arms

the Dachauer coat of arms still reminds of the closeSolidarity of the city with the Bavarian ruling family. Its three indications stand in the direct connection with the history of the Wittelsbacher: the silver spur, the golden lion and the blue queue.

The spur, which already zierte 1374 the Dachauer seal, probably originates from the coat of armsvon Hans von Marschalck, der in der Zeit von1371 bis 1373 Dachauer Schlosspfleger im Dienste der Wittelsbacher war. The lion belonged to the coat of arms of the counts von Dachau with Konrad III. in the year 1182 became extinct. The queue is the coat of arms animal of the Visconti from Milan,the Elisabetta, the daughter of the duke Barnabo Visconti after Bavaria brought. The Mailänderin, which married 1396 the Bavarian duke Ernst, received the city Landsberg at the Lech and the market DAK-strikes as morning gift.

The colors of the city are white and red.

partnerships between cities

objects of interest

lock DAK-strike
work on []


of the ASV DAK-strike was already several times German master in the Volleyball federal league.

regular meetings

  • the Dachauer people celebration finds his origin in horse running, which was organized starting from 1652 and already a kind a people fixed character had. The original place of these meetings was thoseso-called Zieglerwiese, where today the post office school is. In more or less larger time periods these celebrations were then celebrated, whereby the year 1894 would be to be deleted still, since in this year for the first time the luck port of the city DAK-strike, a goods drawing in favor of the Dachauer arm cash, todayCitizen hospital donation was set up.1920 were shifted the people celebration of the Zieglerwiese on the today's place the Luwig Thoma meadow and since 1946 take place there the Dachauer people celebration also regularly each year. The Dachauer people celebration finds each year ten days in the August of one Saturday (in thatRule second Saturday in the month) up to Monday after the next instead of, the holiday Maria Himmelfahrt is always enclosed. Special attraction is the price for measure beer, which is Bavaria far not undercut with 3,60 EUR in the year 2005.
  • Each year in the summer becomes thatDachauer old part of town celebration organizes.
  • Annual Christkindlmarkt
  • Dachauer of lock concerts in the Renaissance hall of the Dachauer of lock
  • annual Dachauer of associations organize to last September week the Kulturspektakel “Amperitiv” on the Ludwig Thoma meadow beside the Amper.
  • Regularly in the summer months the “Dachauer in such a way specified music summer” takes place with a multiplicity at single meetings.
  • Since20 years already the Pfarrei Maria Ascension Day celebrates its in the meantime well-known carnival ball in January/February.
  • To 15. August takes place annually in the old part of town the Dachauer mountain criterion, one the largest road wheel running in Bavaria.


famous personalities, in DAK-strike lived and/orwere active:


  • Hans Günther Richardi: Dachauer time historical leader. To city DAK-strike, DAK-strike 1998

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