Dagmar beautiful liver

Dagmar beautiful liver (* 22. December 1973 in Lemgo, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German Comedy - Darstellerin, Kabarettistin and free authoress.

It acquired 1993 their Abitur and diplomierte 1999 to the social female worker to the KFH Cologne.

In May 2001 it had stork in the Café (Cologne) their first public appearance.

Since that time Dagmar beautiful liver had various solo readings, participated in various Poetry Slams and triumphed with some. It arises regularly in first Cologne living room theatres and takes part „to Comedy country widely on mixed shows “(z. B. Night wash-out) and readings(z. B. in the rubbish Comedy club (Berlin), Comedy club Kookaburra (Berlin), Schmidt theatre (Hamburg)).

Dagmar beautiful liver is winner of the Bielefelder Kabarettpreises 2003 and achieved 2005 the Kabarett/Comedynachwuchs Kleinkunstpreis „upper citizen millstone “.


„readings on the Billardtisch “, a Anthologie of authoresses andAuthors of the established read forum of the Cologne tavern „Blue Shell “

the Anthologie „American bar “, authors: Laabs Kowalski, Christoph heating man, George Weyers Rojas and Dagmar beautiful liver, ISBN 3-936819-00-9

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