Daisy Fellowes

Marguerite Séverine Philippine Decazes de Glücksbierg (* 29. April 1890; † 13. December 1962), better admits than Daisy Fellowes was a society celebrity 20. Century, novel authoress and Dichterin, mode icon, first chief talking document urine of the fashion journal Harper's Bazaar and one of the heiresses of the singing he ability.

It was the only Nachkommin of Isabelle Blanche Singer (1869-1896) and Jean Elie Octave Louis Sévère Amanieu Decazes (1864-1912), the third Duc Decazes et Glücksbierg. Their mütterlicher grandfather was Isaac Merritt Singer, which justified its fortune with sewing machines. The half orphan was educated by its aunt Winnaretta Singer, Prinzess Edmond de Polignac, who was a famous Kunstmäzenin.

Daisy Fellowes first married man, it to 10. May 1910 married, was a prince Jean Amédée Marie Anatole de Broglie. Their man succumbed 1918 to that at that time world-wide grassierenden flu epidemic disease, while he served in the French army in Algeria. The society gossip stated however, it had died by Suizid, since its Bisexualität admits publicly became.

From the marriage three daughters followed: Princess Emmeline Isabelle Edmée Séverine de Broglie (the later Countess de Castéja), the princess Isabelle de Broglie (a later novel authoress, who married the Marquis de La Moussaye), and princess Jacqueline de Broglie (the late Alfreds Kraus married). Of their the notoriously sarkastische Daisy Fellowes maintained own daughters: The oldest one is only somewhat male like their father; second is as I “only without the of property” and third is of so a grässlichen small chap named Lischmann.

Daisy Fellowes second man, it to 9. August 1919 married, was the Banker Reginald Ailwyn Fellowes, a cousin of vienna clay/tone Churchill and Enkel of the Duke OF Marlborough. Pink moon Fellowes was their common daughter.

Fellowes wrote several novels; their most well-known work is Les of dimanches de la Comtesse de Narbonne (1931).

Daisy Fellowes was considered as one of the fashionably most courageous women 20. Century; it was an important Mäzenin of the surrealistischen Modeschöpferin Elsa Schiaparelli.


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