of these articles describes the city Dallas in the US-American Federal State Texas. For further meanings, see Dallas (term clarifying).
pointed name: Bend 'D
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map of Texas, Dallas emphasized
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establishment: 1841
state: The USA
Federal State: Texas
County: Denton County
Kaufman County
skirt barrier County
geographical situation: 32°47' N, 96°47' W
time belt: Cent ral standard Time (UTC-6)
- Metropolregion:
1.211.704 (Ber. 2005)
population density: 1,366 inhabitants for each km ² country
height: 140-170 m and. NN
surface: 997.1 km ²
of it 887,2km ² country
city arrangement: ? Urban districts
postal zip codes: 75201-75398
preselection: 214
web page: www.dallascityhall.com
mayor: Laura Miller
satellite photograph (in wrong colors)
the Dealey Plaza

Dallas (IPA ˈdɛləs) is a large city in the Federal State Texas, (the USA). It is after Houston and San Antonio the third biggest city in the Federal State. Dallas and close convenient Fort Worth form an important business, financial and an industrial centre.

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Dallas spreads over a surface of approximately 608 square kilometers. The number of inhabitants amounts to round 1.21 million (2004). Admits became Dallas not least also by the American series of the same name, in that it around the plots andthe life of an oil family went. In Dallas and in the closer surrounding field are 5 universities as well as the Dallas theatre center built by franc Lloyd WRIGHT.


five years after Dallas 1841 by white ones was firstsettled, based one that village, that its namesafter the US vice-president George M. Dallas received. 1858, arrival French and Swiss craftsmen, used the first large population growth. Dallas was connected by the building of the railway for the first time with important places of the east, the west and the north, which positively affected the economy. To 1890 had developed Dallas to the largest city in Texas. 1930 were discovered southwest the city the enormous east Texas oil field. With it the development began to an important center of the oil industry for Dallas. After 1950 the largest set with the fast expansion of the industry and the selling activitiesGrowth within the range of economics and population. In November 1963 the city became the scene of the assassination attempt on US president John F. Kennedy.


Dallas is the second largest center the US-American computer game - development industry. Many successful Entwicklungsstudios have themselves in Dallas orthe closer environment settled, among them ID software, 3D Realms, ensemble of Studios, Gearbox software and ritual Entertainment.

acquaintance enterprise

  • Mary Kay, Kosmetik, inSold [
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the international airport Dallas away Worth ( DFW), on half distance between Dallas and Fort Worth, is one is to direct sale the surface-moderately largest world. 1999 was dispatched here more than 60 million passengers. In addition there is the airport Love Field (DAL), which was up to the opening of the airport Fort Worth the main airport of the city. Today from there mainly the cheap airline Southwest Airlines flies.

The ÖPNV in Dallas and environment is accomplished by the Dallas AREA rapidly transit.


inDallas gives it the following crews of national leagues:

Texas Ranger (American League; Baseball) Arlington (Texas ) are resident in the suburb.


in the city center in a park named Pioneer Plaza in the proximity of the town hall is the world largest bronze sculpture, which represents a cattle lift. In the place of the today's sculpture, those on a surface of 17.000 m ² three survive-large cowboys and 50 Longhorn bulls, was around 1850 a well-known way for the cattle impulse shows. The sculpture of Robert of buzzer from Glen rose was provided in Texas.

sons and daughters of the city

Dallas bei Nacht
Dallas at night


  • the TV serial of the same name Dallas played before the background of the city.

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