Damian Marley

Damian Robert Nesta Marley called Jr. Gong (* 21. July 1978 in Kingston) is a Jamaican Reggae - musicians. He is the youngest son of Bob Marley and the former “measures WorldCindy Breakspeare. The name Jr. It carries names of its father Tuff gong “for gong following the Rastafari -. Long time worked he as DJ and caught with 13 years on music to make, first in the volume The Shepherds created together with sons of other famous Reggaemusiker, later both with its Marley brothers and and successful solo artist. Differently than most of its brothers Damian Marley is limited in music not only to the domain of its father, the root Reggae, but finished also numerous other influences, primarily out thank-resounds and R'n'B. Its vocal style is strongly coined/shaped by the Jamaican DJing, the Toasting. Particularly is he likes in addition in the USA, the “Welcome ton of Jamrock” - route led him for the first time in the spring 2006 to Germany.

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Welcome ton of Jamrock

Welcome ton of Jamrock was the song, which Damian Marley to the break-through and general acknowledgment in the Reggae - scene help. It made the “Worldjam Riddim” so popular from Ini Kamoze that within shortest time many TRACKs from the Reggae and HipHop scene used this Riddim. Saliently the cousin LINE and the interruptions are out into the street “, they call it more murder!”.


Studio albums

  • 1996 - Mr. Marley's (“Lightyear”)
  • 2001 - Educated Fools (Nebenprojekt “Ghetto Youths” with its brother Stephen)
  • 2001 - Halfway Tree (“universal/Motown”, won a Grammy)
  • 2005 - Welcome ton of Jamrock (“Univesal/Tuff gong”, won two Grammies)
    • Confrontation
    • There for You
    • Welcome ton of Jamrock
    • The master has come bake
    • universe night (feat. Stephen Marley)
    • Beautiful (feat. Bobby Brown)
    • Pimpa's of paradise (feat. Stephen Marley & Black Thought)
    • move!
    • For the babies (feat. Stephen Marley)
    • Hey girl
    • Road ton of Zion (feat. Nas)
    • We´re gonna make it
    • in 2 deep
    • Khaki suit (feat. Bounty killer & Eek A Mouse)

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