Daniel Becke

Daniel Becke (* 12. March 1978 in Erfurt) is a German professional - wheel running drivers.

Daniel Becke began with wheel racing 1989 with the RSC turbine Erfurt. Before it became 2001 professional, it drove for the amateur team TEAG Köstritzer from 1997 to 2000. Its first professional team was the team Coast, which was dissolved during the preparation to the route de France 2003 for financial reasons. Up to the year end 2003 it drove together with January Ullrich at the team Bianchi. Since 2004 the time driving specialist for the Spanish running universe Illes Balears drives.

With the route de France 2005 it drove in the ninth stage with 57 km/h into a cliff, since it estimated itself before a turn. Since it did not carry heavy injuries off, it could terminate the route nevertheless.

Becke changes to the turn of the year 2006 to the team Milram.


on the course

  • 1994 to 1996 - numerous German youth and/or. Junior master title
  • 1998 - Vice-world champion in the Vierermannschaftsfahren
  • 1999 - world champions in the Vierermannschaftsfahren
  • 2000 - world champion and olympia winner with the olympic plays in Sydney in the Vierermannschaftsfahren

on the road

  • 1996 - German junior master in 30 km the individual time driving
  • 2003 to 2005 - participation in the route de France


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