Daniel Eschbach

Daniel Eschbach (* 5. October 1973) is a German football player.

When in the season 1996 /97 suddenly prevailed to gate warm fishing rod - Bodo Illgner was changed for Madrid the season ago too material, mastergate-waits Michael Kraft hurt and its actual representative Antonio Ananiev closed - came Daniel Eschbach to its unexpected debut in the 1. Federal league. A debut, which to it no luck gave. After altogether two portions for the Geissböcke and once again two in the 2. It disappeared to federal league for KFC Uerdingen 05 within the unterklassigen range of the German football.


1996 - 1997 1. Fiber plastic Cologne

1997 - 1998 fiber plastics energy Cottbus

1998 - 1999 KFC Uerdingen 05

1999 - 2000 Wuppertaler sports association


1. Federal league

of 2 plays

2. Federal league

of 2 plays


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