Daniel Stephan

Daniel Stephan (* 3. August 1973 in Rhine living) is a German hand ball player.

Until 1994 it played with the OSC Rhine living and changed afterwards to the TBV Lemgo, where it plays this very day in the hand ball federal league.

Its largest success was:

  • German master 1997 and 2003
  • European Cup of the Cup winners 1996
  • Cup winner 1995, 1997, 2002
  • Third EM 1998
  • Handballer of the yearly 1997-1999
  • Welthandballer 1998
  • Vice-European champion 2002
  • European champion 2004
  • Silver medal Olympia 2004

1998 were selected Daniel Stephan as a first German hand ball player to the Welthandballer. By its injury pitch could participate Daniel so far to no WM (comparably with Mehmet Scholl, soccer player). 1995 was it in the quantity, got however not one employment. it could not do 1999, since it laborierte at a german type of the Mittelhandknochens. 2001 it was hurt at the Achilles' tendon. Also 2003 and 2005 did not participate Daniel Stephan. Due to its do not end to wanting injury series communicated it to 2005 its resignation from the national team.


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