Daniel van Buyten

Daniel van Buyten (* 7. February 1978 in Chimaej, Belgium) is a Belgian football player, who plays on the position of the interior defender.

In the course of his soccer player career played van Buyten for the RSC Charleroi, standard Lüttich (1999 - 2001) as well as Olympique Marseille (2001 - 2004). Olympique Marseille borrowed it in the season 2003/2004 at Manchester town center out. it changed 2004 to Hamburg sports association, where he is also a captain. Its father Franz van Buyten was successful Catcher/Wrestler in completely Europe. In Hanover its father has his nut/mother Renate knows and loves learned. It is thus half Germans.

In April 2006 it lets van Buyten announce that its advisor discussions with Bavaria Munich leads. The fiber plastic Bavaria would like to get van Buyten for the interior defense. From the HSV the statement comes that one will not let van Buyten go under 20 million euro and one hardly believes that the fiber plastic Bavaria has so much money for an interior defender.

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  • of 31 plays for Belgium (conditions: 28. January 2006)
  • of 3 gates

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