Daniela Anschütz Thoms

Daniela Anschütz Thoms, geb. Anschütz, (* 20. November 1974 in Erfurt) is a German Eisschnellläuferin.

Since 1984 the Thüringerin operates the ice high-speed run haven. 1993/94 became it German junior Meisterin in the multi-fight. Numerous front placements with Germans, European and world championships as well as olympic plays followed. 2001/02 and 2002/03 it became German Meisterin over 5000 M. 2004/05 repeated it this success and became in the team with Sabine of peoples and Anni Friesinger world champion.

Anschütz Thoms starts for the ESC Erfurt. She is learned attorney aid. It is married with Marian Thoms.

To 16. February 2006 won Daniela with Anni Friesinger and Claudia pitch stone the final in the team pursuit run of the XX. Olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin against Canada with 1.66 seconds. Jump - the first ice high-speed run gold for Germany in Turin and with the olympia premiere of this discipline. To the crew belonged also Sabine of peoples and Lucille Opitz, which were used in the advances.

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