Daniele Comboni

Daniele Comboni (* 15. March 1831 in Limone sul Garda in Italy; † 10. October 1881 in Khartum /Al-Hartoum in the Sudan) was a priest. He was spoken 1996 blessedly, the holy speaking took place in October 2003.

Comboni buildup in a poor farmer family. It was that only from eight children that the childhood survived. It went to Verona and studied there at Institut created of Nicalo Mazza. It was geweiht 1854 to the priest and traveled three years later with five other mission arene of the Mazza of institute to Africa.

After a five-month journey they achieved its goal Khartum in the Sudan. Most its Mitbrüder died thereby, this are it to have brought to dedicate its life of the African population. 1864 it returned to Italy , in order to develop a new strategy for the mission work. It tried to in-recruit in the following in completely Europe for its project support.

It created 1867 in Verona the “mission association of the good Hirten “and still opened in the same year the first address in Cairo. it informed 1870 with the 1. Vatikani council Pope Pius IX. from its plans to the Missionierung of Africa. 1871 he wrote a medal rule, 1872 created it a sister community and a magazine for the mission work in Africa, which appears this very day under the title “Nigrizia”. To it the revival of the mission work decreases/goes back in Central Africa. it went to 1873 to Khartum, 1877 it the there bishop was appointed.

Today work over 4.000 medal people and members of the institute for secular in 24 countries in Africa and Central America.

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